Monday, March 6, 2017

Day of No Clutter!

Eve has a problem with clutter. Too much stuff and too easily acquired, it confronts her in every corner and on every surface in her house. When she pledges to tackle the worst offender, her horror of a "Hell Room," she anticipates finally being able to throw away all of the unnecessary things she can't bring herself to part with: her fifth-grade report card, dried-up art supplies, an old vinyl raincoat.

But what Eve discovers isn't just old CDs and outdated clothing, but a fierce desire within herself to hold on to her identity. Our things represent our memories, our history, a million tiny reference points in our lives. If we throw our stuff in the trash, where does that leave us? And if we don' do we know what's really important?

Everyone has their own Hell Room, and Eve's battle with her clutter, along with her eventual self-clarity, encourages everyone to dig into their past to declutter their future.

I requested Year of No Clutter a couple of months ago from Netgalley but have waited to read it until 40 Bags In 40 Days started because it's perfect timing, right?

I am the person most likely to declutter and purge in my house. But I am also the person responsible for most of the hoarding, too. I'm the keeper of everyone's identity, the person who can't let go of the tiny baby clothes, the kindergarten journals, the t-shirts from every team anyone has been part of, the baptism gifts. My closet is never overcrowded; my kitchen is cleaned out regularly to rid it of things I'm not using. But all of those memories? Those are my kryptonite. I can't wait to read this book and see if Schaub can help me let go of some of those things. After all, Mini-me not long ago told me he didn't really care about so many of the things that I had held onto ostensibly for him. If not for him, why am I still keeping them?

Year of No Clutter is available tomorrow, March 7 at all of your usual book outlets.

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  1. I am the antithesis of clutter. Really. That cover on that books kind of gives me the 'heebie-jeebies'. That being said, I have kept some things from my daughter's babyhood and I have this big container with drawers that holds her elementary school papers. I did have her books and dolls, but when she and her husband bought their own house, I took them to her and told her - 'do with these as you will'. And she's kept most of them. I have a select few things from my mother and my grandmother, but I was thinking recently that my daughter won't feel about those things like I do. For me, they hold the memories of my Mom and my Candymama (my grandmother). Guess that's always the way. Good luck with your 40 bags.

  2. I am with you. I toss stuff daily, sometimes hourly but I cannot for the life of me toss anything sentimental from childhood. I have bins, several bins, that hold all the paper from elementary school. SO much paper. I don't think I will ever toss that stuff out but I need to organize it better. Each year I used a bin to capture it all but really it was me tossing stuff in that I wanted to keep. Not organized and not even split up by kid.

  3. This sounds really interesting! I struggle with the memory issues too. Junk I'm not going to use anymore isn't too hard to get rid of - even when there's not anything wrong with it but the sleeper the Tornado came home from the hospital in - how can I get rid of that? I'll have to look for this book.