Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBAW Thanks Bloggers For Introducing Me To...

Today for BBAW we are asked to share a book that we read because of a blog. I've discovered a lot of books since I first started blogging. Sadly, most of them are still on the TBR list. Between books I already owned and book clubs, I haven't gotten to many of the books I've seen on blogs.

I have found on audio The Piano Teacher and The Uncommon Reader, both of which I've reviewed on this blog and both of which I first read about on blogs.

 But, by far and away, the book I have most enjoyed that I've found on blogs is The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which I recently reviewed. When it first started making the rounds on the blogs and was getting good reviews, I was intrigued. But a part of me was thinking that it's just not possible to add every book that is reviewed on blogs to the TBR list and can every book really be as good as billed?

 Then one day I was in the library and there is was. And I was powerless to keep my hands off a book that had come so highly recommended by so many of you!

*Update: More than five years later, I'm interested that this is the book that I chose. As much as I enjoyed it, the book that I really loved best of the three mentioned was The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. I had only been blogging a few months at this time - I had no idea how many books I was going to add to the TBR list from blog recommendations!*


  1. I have this! I am going to start reading it soon. In fact, we just picked it for our real-life book club so I'm very excited to begin.

  2. Now I have got to get this book. Everyone seems to really love it.

  3. This is my book club's choice for next month. I'm so excited to read it!

  4. Oh, I ADORED "The Help." It was really lovely on audio. I have the opposite problem, I get so caught up in books from blogs that I never ever read my hundreds of TBR books.

  5. This one is definitely on my radar. I've been hearing such great thigns about it lately (from bloggers)!

  6. I have this book on my TBR list but I have seen it and read such great things about it that I was viewing it with some skepticism simialr to when craits and everone you know raves about a movie so you see it and it's good but not crazy good. So I am so happy to see what you have to say about this book. I guess it's just that good! I think I better read it soon though.

    ~ Amy

  7. This is the same book that I put down for my post on this! I have not read it yet but am starting an online book club that will review it the end of October.