Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Salon - September 20th

With everything that's been going on around here lately, I've been very remiss in a couple of areas lately. I've been saving up links I thought I'd like to pass along to you and I've been getting awards **blush** that I haven't been getting acknowledged. It's definitely time to get caught up and back on track. Today it's time to get to those links.

Jessica, at Book Sale Manager, sent me this link. Book Sale Manager is a site for non-profit organizations to advertise their book sales for free. Better yet, it's a great place for us to find the book sales nearby that we might not otherwise know about. What they need us to do is to make the non-profit organizations in our area aware of this resource.

Reviews, interviews and so much more can be found at Right now they're featuring an interview with Michelle Moran, author of "Cleopatra's Daughter," and the feature book being made into a movie is the children's book "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs."

Have I mentioned that I love E. L. Doctorow? I do, I love E. L. Doctorow. So I was excited to find this New York Times interview with Doctorow, discussing his latest book "Homer & Langley."

NPR has done several stories on mommy bloggers recently. Michel Martin, host of "Tell Me More" talked to a group of bloggers about parenting blogs. On "All Things Considered" the talk was about the issue of blog-ola, getting products for free and the ethics involved.

Monday is the last day to enter for one of five copies of "The Smart One and The Pretty One." Winners will be announced Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'll get myself caught up on those awards and get caught up on Mailbox Mondays. Then it's back to actually reviewing books!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the blog-ola article. Interesting.

  2. Thanks for all the links. Don't worry about being behind, we all have other things to do besides blog. =)

  3. As the Queen of All Behind, I completely absolve you of being behind on anything. ;-) Oh, and I always appreciate when people take the time to list interesting links so I don't have to find them myself (I'm also the Queen of All Laziness).

  4. That blog-ola article was so interesting. I was alternately fascinated by thinking that there are so many women writing about being moms and about their babying experiences and annoyed that I hadn't been able to do that at their age. coolio.

  5. Ahh...I'm terribly behind on accepting awards and other like things as well. You're not alone in this...things just pile up!