Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Salon - November 8

Chances are if you live on either coast there are only three things you know about Nebraska:

1) It's flat. True enough but only in some places. We also have our fair share of river bluffs and the Sand Hills.

2) It's nothing but corn. Not true. There is a lot of corn, to be sure. But Nebraska also has a lot of ranches and even a national forest and waterfalls.

3) We are crazy about the University's football team. Now that is entirely true! In my family, we're more then just a little bit convinced that the things we do can effect the outcome of games. Everyone in my family hangs out a Nebraska flag on game days and a Husker figure of some sort that stands out front. Oh yes, we are certain that each of these things must be in just the right place. Team's not playing well? Maybe Herbie needs to be moved. And to say that we are loud when we watch games, especially together, is a major understatement.

Why do we love our team so much? Tradition. Love of the game. And scenes like the one above, where a coach can look like a little boy.

Lest you think we're all football lunkheads, we also love to read...about our Huskers! Kenny Walker, who played for the Huskers and is deaf, wrote "Roar of Silence." When Kenny came onto the field or made a big play, fans did the sign language equivalent of clapping. "Hero of the Underground," which made the NY Times best seller list, was written by Jason Peter who played on championship teams at Nebraska and went on to play in the NFL. Our beloved coach and now Athletic Director, Tom Osborne, has written several books including "Beyond the Final Score" and "Heart Of A Husker."

* photo taken by Matt Miller, Omaha World-Herald


  1. To be fair, I didn't even know those three things about Nebraska! It's cool that you're so excited about football though - I miss watching it :o(

  2. Nebraska is an awesome football state!! Much like Michigan, we love the Wolverines and Spartans!!

  3. i'm an east-coaster but had a cousin who went to the university of i know that nebraska has a big college! ha.

    actually, nebraska is one of the five states in america that i have yet to get to in my travels...maybe next summer!

    ps. go cornhuskers!

  4. I bet many people think the same things of Ohio :) And I know that most Ohians feel the same way about their Buckeyes!

  5. Ask Lisa what she does when the Huskers are not playing well. Cleanest bathrooms in Omaha!

  6. Very true! If no one's coming over to watch the game, I save bathroom cleaning just to take my stress out on!

  7. I admit to not knowing these things about Nebraska, so thank you! That's not entirely true as I have heard of the Huskers and I know they are loved! That's very cool about "Hero of the Underground"! I know you Nebraskans (what are Nebraska-ites called?!) are proud as you should be!
    Football is awesome!

  8. When I started reading the post, i had o idea what you were talking about... Nebraska?! Where's that :)

    SORRY FOR the ignorance! I am duly indebted to you :) now i know!

  9. Everyone thinks South Dakota is flat too, but it's not ALL flat.

    I didn't realize you were in Nebraska, that's relatively close!