Saturday, October 9, 2010

17 Hours and Counting!

Going into the 18th hour of the readathon.  If I'd been doing this right, I'd have read something like 1000 minutes.  Instead I've read about 580 minutes.  Everyone of my children seems to have decided that if Mom's just sitting around, it must be time to talk.  At the age my kids are, you don't pass up a chance to do that so the reading just had to wait.

I have managed to finish two books, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's SONNETS FROM THE PORTUGUESE and Lori Lansen's THE GIRLS, for a total of 446 pages.  Next up is either A SINGLE MAN by Christopher Isherwood or THE HOURS by Michael Cunningham.  I'll finish up the readathon with a re-read of E.B. White's CHARLOTTE'S WEB which I'm reading for a couple of challenges this year.


  1. Although the sun has gone to bed
    There's still a lot that needs be read
    You're doing fine, you're doing great
    Did you think you could stay up this late?

    Hope you're still running strong Lisa! Wonder if you could "escape" next time--must be hard with the kiddos who just want to chat (though I went to my moms to read with her and SHE chatted with me the whole time!). :)

  2. I had read around 400+ pages about that far in too! And I was thinking that I should have been able to read so much more, but now I don't feel so bad :o)

    Distractions are hard to avoid, aren't they?

  3. nice job on the reading and even better job on the parenting. i work with teenagers on a daily basis but have no kids of my own. it's shocking to see how many kids just want someone to LISTEN to them...

    wish more parents were like you. :)

  4. Wow, you read quite a bit & that's with the kid interruptions. Interesting how they want to talk when you are busy with something else, but the fact that they want to talk to mom is a wonderful thing!

    I have The Girls here to read & am looking forward to it. I hope you liked it.

    Great job!

  5. You are doing a great job! Keep up all the good reading!