Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Things In Common - Reincarnation

More and more lately, I'm discovering that I prefer books based in reality.  My reality, that is, which does not include magic, ghosts or people coming back from the dead.  And yet I've recently read not one but two books that had as a central theme the idea of reincarnation.  According to Wikipedia, reincarnation is:

"believed to occur when the soul or spirit, after the death of the body, comes back to life in a newborn body. This phenomenon is also known as transmigration of the soul or metempsychosis."

For Pump Up Your Book Promotions, I recently read "The Hypnotist" by M.J. Rose (my review here), the third book in the Reincarnationist series.  Out of my comfort zone, to be sure; but I'm always in search of something new.

Imagine my surprise, a week later, to pick up the book my daughter brought home from English class and discover that its story line used the tool of reincarnation to explore destiny versus free will.  My review of this book, "The Returners" by Gemma Malloy, will be coming soon.  This book will make you hope that reincarnation is not real!

Thanks to all of the bloggers who love Young Adult books for convincing me to pick up the books my daughter brings home to read along. There are really some terrific books out there that explore very adult ideas in ways that are relatable for young people.


  1. I was just thinking that of all the paranormal stuff out there, I couldn't remember a novel that dealt with reincarnation, which really is a form of time travel. :)

    I may have to check out The Hypnotist.

  2. I've just recently started to get into Young Adult books as well and have really enjoyed it as well!

    I actually have liked those books that delve into reincarnation so I'm interested to hear your review on "The Returners" -- I'd like to see how this book made you feel that it would be better that reincarnation wasn't real!

  3. Both of these sound fascinating! I have been on a big "ghosty" book kick lately and although I haven't found a whole lot of great reads, they have all been pretty entertaining. One that was rather exceptional was The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Not overtly ghost story-ish, but enough I think to keep both parties happy.

    I also kept forgetting to make sure you received the feather earrings? I assumed all was well, but thought I better check just in case.

    Looking forward to hearing more about The Returners!

  4. It's too funny that you posted about this as I've been thinking about the very same thing; although I've never researched it. Destiny vs. free will is a loaded and complex topic to be sure. I'll have to check out the books you've mentioned.

  5. I like reading about this topic...fascinating to me, and I'm hoping I come back as someone's well-love house cat :)

    Have a great week Lisa.

  6. I am not a big fan of fantasy theme books or ghosts, magic etc. I prefer reality. But I'm willing to read some books with these themes if they are recommended to me. (I'm still trying to get through "My Name is Memory"). I find reincarnation a very interesting topic though because I was raised in a strict roman catholic home where reincarnation was not a poular idea! I'm interested in your review of Gemma Malloy's book.

    There are some really great YA books and I am slowly building a long list! It's great that you and your daughter can read and discuss them.

    ~ Amy

  7. I think you may find that you really enjoy YA!!!

  8. I used to be big into reincarnation when I was a teenager, but those ideas have passed since I have gotten a little older. I still wouldn't mind reading a few books about the subject, and have recently thought about starting the Rose series. I think it will keep me entertained!

  9. Sounds interesting, will have to read, thanks!