Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dewey's Read-A-Thon Mini-Challenge: Hodge Podge

Erin of Erin Reads has devised a mini-challenge for readathon participants called the Hodge Podge Challenge:

Here’s what you must do to participate in the Hodge-Podge Proposals Mini-Challenge. First, grab a pen and paper, open up a text file, or fire up your memory and list:
  1. The first name of any character in the book you’re currently reading (or just finished)
  2. The make or model of your current car, whichever you like better (if you don’t have a car, use one you’ve had or would like to have)
  3. A job you think would be especially fascinating
For me that would be 1) Julia, 2) Honda Odyssey and 3) research assistant for historical works.

Now for the second part:
Numbers 1 and 2 become the first and last name of your new character, and 3 is his or her occupation. Now briefly pitch me a new series in the genre of your choice based on this hodge-podge character!

Here goes:

Julia Odyssey, research fellow for famed historical fiction author E.M. Kemble, loves her work, not just because she loves history but because she loves the routine of it all. But there's nothing routine about the day she discovers that her mentor and boss has gone missing. Has he met with an accident or is there something more sinister going on? While the police go about their search using their usual methods, Julia begins her search the only way she knows how...research into the past.

FINALLY - I actually made time for a mini-challenge!


  1. I'm glad you took a minute to participate in this one, Lisa. Your "series" sounds great! I hope you're enjoying your readathon!

  2. That's quite a specific profession! ;) Love it. I wanted to do this but got stuck after Donia Honda. ;)

  3. That is a really fun challenge. Even though, I'm not doing the read-a-thon, I think I'll still have to come with something! I really want to know what happened to Julia's boss and how she finds him!