Monday, May 21, 2012

Pin It And Do It - Cake Batter Truffles

Miss H's graduation was the perfect incentive to shoot for the stars on the Pin It And Do It challenge. I started to wonder if I was actually going to be able to get through eight pins in one month as I began to realize that quite a lot of the great ideas I had pinned were completely infeasible given the size of the crowd we're expecting (I mean, am I really going to want to make 150 fruit skewers between the ceremony and the party?). So I may not make that lofty goal, but at least, after this weekend, I've gotten five done already!

Yesterday I made these little beauties - Cake Batter Truffles. There are actually two recipes that I've pinned but this one was so quick and easy, I'm not sure I'll try the other one. Five ingredients and only about fifteen minutes of work to make, they are easy although I will warn you that they are really sweet. The recipe said it would make 20 - 30 truffles but I only got 22 and they were quite small. The recipe calls for dipping chocolate which I bought for the first two batches. It's not cheap nor is it particularly delicious so I played around until I came up with my own version. I made some truffles dipped in milk chocolate and some dipped in white chocolate. Now I just have to hope that it's not 100 degrees on Saturday and I end up with a plate of desserts that are so melted no one can pick them up!


  1. Oh my, these look wonderful, and I love a little sweet nibble every now and then. It sounds like this might be a great snack for my kids during the summer. Thanks for sharing your success with us!

  2. I think those look delicious and I'm hoping for a cool day for Graduation!!!!

  3. These look and sopund yummy! I love truffles and these sound perfect. I'll kep my fingers crossed for a cool graduation day but I have a feeling once you put the truffles out, they'll be gone lickety-split!