Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Salon - May 6

I'm feeling more than a little stressed lately as I'm thinking about everything I need (well, that I want) to get done before Miss H's graduation party. Am I the only person that needs a big event to get around to doing all of those things around the house that I've been wanting to do for a long time? It's certainly been cutting in on my reading time!

I was watching YouTube videos yesterday about home organizing and decluttering and was surprised by how many of the people who've posted videos don't know that rule of writing - show, don't tell. What is the point of a video about organizing or decluttering if I'm watching you sitting talking to me for nine minutes and never leaving your desk? Show people, show!

Every time I open Pinterest to see what I want to try next for the Pin It And Do It challenge, I get completely distracted. Last night I found this great collection of pipe bookshelves. They wouldn't work in my house but I think they are so cool!

I have four books I'm working on right now. I am not enjoying it, trying to balance all of them. I really need to hide in my room a couple of nights this week and read long enough to finish a couple of them. House of Mirth, I'm looking at you - you're getting finished this week.

Another book I've got going right now is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which I started in March. I did something the other night I never thought I would do. I took my daughter to get her first tattoo. There's a long story behind it but let's just say that my middle-aged, suburban mom self had to look ridiculously out of place in a tattoo parlor on a Friday night. least I had the right book in my purse to read while we were waiting!

What are you reading this week?


  1. Okay... you can't throw this bomb and end your post!

    Tattoo? I know kids/adults do it. I'm curious why/impressed that you went with her. Just a guess but I'm sure the tattoo shop doesn't have many mom's reading books accompanying their child! :)

    If I lived in Omaha I could come help you organize... but remember what they say... 'don't watch Mari clean/organize, she gets rid of everything'. I was a neighbor's house earlier this week, they are stuffed to the brim. I SO WISH I could get started over there. I don't think they would notice half of can be removed. This lady dates her ziplock bags... she had a few that are 5+ years old! Now that's recycling (or gross...)

  2. This is an awesome post - starts out with interesting tidbits about organization (which I am the same way) then ends up in a tattoo parlor!

  3. Wow that pipe shelf is pretty cool. Have you been doing a bunch for the Pinterest Challenge? I've get a good start this weekend!

  4. Two years ago when my older daughter graduated from high school, we painted the deck, trimmed overgrown shrubs, and did countless other sprucing up tasks that would have left merrily left undone unless we were selling the house! Congrats on your daughter's graduation, btw!

    I'm in a finishing mode myself. Just finished the Andrew Jackson bio (it might've been your blog where I first heard about it), and am determined to finish Venice by P Ackroyd tonight. I've been reading that one since January!

    Good luck w projects, reading and otherwise.

  5. I am abhor clutter so I spend at least one hour every day de-cluttering. I find that I am more pulled-together when stuff is in order and not all cast about the room. The same goes for my calendar. If it is up-to-date then I feel at peace. Right now it's not and I am a bit all over the place.

  6. LOL! I might have gasped a bit about the tattoo part! And I CRACK up at the thought of mom reading a book while teenaged daughter gets a tattoo. Ha! ;)

    House Guests is always a great excuse for me to actually deep clean my house. Too bad it doesn't happen more often. ;) Saw mini-7 layer dip online the other day and thought of you. Still thinking about doing?

  7. Every time I think about getting involved in Pinterest, I tell myself I don't have enough hours in the day now....LOL

  8. I wish that you would've taken a pic of you at the tattoo parlor! We were reading TGWTDT at the same time!!!!