Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life: It Goes On - January 19

Oh, what a day - what's a girl to do? We're headed off to usher at the playhouse production of "Barefoot In The Park" shortly and we almost always enjoy the shows there. starts at exactly the same time as the Denver/New England playoff game. Then tonight, right during the Seattle/San Francisco game,  we've got the next episode of "Downton Abbey." Followed by the first episode this season of "Sherlock" on PBS. I can go days when there is absolutely nothing on the television I want to watch and now this. As Miss H likes to say "first world problems."

My sister-in-law and niece were up to Nebraska this weekend with my niece's Pomeranian. Yesterday my SIL posted on Facebook: "This Nebraska wind is crazy! I have the little dog. Now I just need my bike and ruby red slippers and I'd be set!" In the past week we have had three days with sustained winds of 35 miles an hour. I can certainly see how the pioneers went crazy from the wind!

Today we are especially missing The Big Guy's mom - it would have been her 86th birthday. It's still hard to believe she's gone.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: "Shirley" by Charlotte Bronte but I must say that I'm not enjoying it much. Took a break the other day to listen to some podcasts instead.

Watching: We did watch the first episode of "American Idol" the other night and found it to be much better than the past couple of seasons. But we probably still won't watch it regularly, especially the tryouts. Just hate that they show people who really don't have the talent they think they do.

Reading: I'm still plugging away on Possession and liking it better but I'm sad that I'll miss this week's Twitter discussion.

Making: We got some farm fresh eggs the other night so I made breakfast for dinner one night so we could use the eggs in a way that really plays up how much better they are. I should have taken a picture of our dozen eggs - we had blue, green, two shades of brown. So pretty!

Planning: A massive reorganization of our pre-digital camera pictures. We have some in boxes, some in albums, and we have a whole box of pictures that have been pulled out over the years and never returned to their homes. Everything's going in boxes now which should save a lot of room and allow me to edit what we keep.

Grateful: The Big Guy made it home safely from Chicago the other night. An hour after he was supposed to take off, he sent me a text from the plane "Deiced and now checking the landing gear." This worry wart does not need to know there might be a problem with the landing gear!

Loving:  The fact that the Winter Olympics are less than three weeks away - yes, I did schedule a day off work just to stay home and watch them!

Feeling: Ready for spring. Only 10 more weeks, right? We've got some big plans for the yard this year and I'm eager to get started.

Thinking: That my cats need to learn how to run the vacuum. It's their hair, after all, that causes me to have to vacuum so much!

Looking forward to: Book club this week - can't wait to discuss Eleanor and Park. Loved it!


  1. Harry Connick Jr. is adorable but I don't have time to watch every show. Once they get going, the show is on like 2-3 time a week which is too much to keep track of.

    Farm fresh eggs are so good! I used to have a co-worker that had chickens and she'd share eggs with me. I miss them.

  2. I finished Possession this past week and am hoping to make the discussion. I checked to see if the movie is on Netflix but sadly it's not

    Good luck with the pictures. I'm going to start going through mine and culling them. An entire roll of pictures at sea world when I was 12? Ha!!

    Hope the weather starts calming soon! I can handle the coldbut not the wind!!

  3. I need to take on that photo project - I somehow inherited all my Mom's photos that had been pulled out over the years (they are now in a huge biscuit tin) and they mock me everytime I open that cabinet they are stored in! I love the Olympics too - can't wait!

  4. I know what you mean about American seems like they show the least talented to make fun of them.

    I'm glad Big Guy made it home safely! How scary.

    Sorry you have to wait to see some of those that are coming on at the same time. First world problems! lol.

    Also looking forward to your review of Eleanor and Park! Hope your week goes well :)

  5. Yes, I hate it when all the shows are on at the same time. Loved Sherlock tonight though. So much fun.

    I read Shirley years ago. I remember it being hard at first, but then it grew on me and I ended up loving it.

    Also, I agree American Idol looks like it's going to be much much better this season. Love that Harry! He's going to save the show I think.

  6. I hope you were able to DVR what you couldn't watch. I used to think that was silly, but every so often there is a conflict with Downton ;-)

  7. I'm with you on the pets and their hair. Our dog isn't shedding as much now, since it's winter, but come summer, and the house gets covered up in her hair. So annoying!

  8. My husband is counting down the days until the Winter Olympics too. I always feel underwhelmed by the Olympics leading up to them, and then, when they are underway, I watch every second I get. I love the opening ceremonies. My daughter will have to get used to watching her shows on the Kindle so I can watch the Olympics on the big television. :-)

    Good luck with organizing your photos! I should probably do that. Or at least go through and label the ones that never got labeled.

    I haven't gotten to see this season's Sherlock or Downton Abby yet. Not sure if I will any time soon. :-(

    I hope you have a great week!

  9. Spring fever is hitting me too! Sorry to hear Shirley is not an enjoyable read--I've been meaning to read it forever and have committed to read it soon, so I was hoping you would like it and encourage me to go forward with it.

    I'm liking this season of Downton Abbey, though Anna's storyline is difficult to watch, the overall the plot is good and thickening.

    Go Broncos!