Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life: It Goes On - August 16

Woe is me - today is the last day of my mini-vacation which I thought would be full of "me" projects. Yeah, not so much.

Two evenings, one whole day, and part of yesterday were spent moving Mini-him home and getting things settled here. Part of a another day was  spent moving furniture here around so that his stuff would fit back in his room.  And are we done moving yet? No. There is still a sectional sofa stacked in my living room because it wouldn't fit down the stairs. Still working on a solution for that. Then last night Miss H told me she may be moving back sooner than previously thought. As in maybe by the end of this month. Just when I had decided that I really liked being an empty nester!

I swear we just moved him in and now he's out - and piled up in my living room!
This Week I'm:

Listening To: Continuing with Zadie Smith's On Beauty and very much enjoying it.

Watching: Oh, you know, my Housewives (much to The Big Guy's chagrin) and a lot of home decorating shows. New to me this week, on HGTV, is "Saving America" which just debuted today. Not that I can institute any of the ideas I'm seeing now, what with all of the extra furniture around and no time to do anything.

Reading: I finished In The Woods the other day. Now I'm racing to finish Jane Smiley's Some Luck for book club. That one is making me work - I feel a bit like I'm reading the 1930's Facebook page of an Iowa housewife...often as seen through the eyes of her children. Move along already! Once that gets knocked off, I'm back to Tana French with The Likeness.

Making: Um, nothing? Being so busy this week, we've kept it simple, some grilling, some corn on the cob. I did roast corn to use on a lot of things during the week and there was the great roasted beet/rhubarb experiment (more on that later).

Iroh enjoying the stack of sectional pieces!
Planning: Spending the next week rearranging furniture, trying to make room for that sectional and to find a place for Miss H to come home to - remember, she doesn't have a room here any more since I took her room for my office!

Grateful for: Friday Mini-me's girlfriend and I went to Lincoln to help my parents do some work around their house. How great is a girlfriend who will spend one of her few days between summer classes and fall practicals helping my parents? The trip might not have been in my plans, but I'm always happy to get to spend time with my parents and pay them back even a tiny bit for all they've done for us.

Enjoying: Getting a lot of one-on-one time with Mini-him. And sleeping in for the past five days! All days should start at 8:30 a.m. - with several cups of coffee and a book!

Feeling: A bit overwhelmed. I'm going to take today "off" and then make a plan. Because I love plans  and everything will be better once there's a plan.

Looking forward to: Book club this week - I need some time with my ladies!


  1. Maybe everyone else could move back in and you could get a little 'bedsit' of your own. LOL

    Oh, and I think you'll enjoy The Likeness. I love Tana French's books.

  2. I love the Housewives and NYC are my favorites right now. I can't wait for the reunion - its going to be so good!! As for the OC Housewives, I'm getting tired of Vicki's obsession with Meghan's age and lack of a job - who cares?! By the by, On Beauty is my favorite Zadie Smith novel. I remember being so disappointed with Autograph Man that I was hesitant to read her next book and then when I read it I was elated - it was fantastic! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

    1. I must say that I got such a kick out of the OC housewives getting stinking drunk so they could prove they were having more fun!

  3. You sure do a lot of moving over there!! You need to open your own moving company. LOL.

    I am just now catching up on blog reading from the weekend. So sad that I can never respond to a Sunday post ON the day it was written. I swear, I spent three hours last night adding choir dates, shows dates, doc appts, and church training dates to my calendar and I am not even done because I don't yet have a calendar for 2016. Not a hard copy one anyway. I feel disconnected when I don't have stuff written down.