Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life: It Goes On

And on, and on....I feel like a broken record when I talk about what's going on in my personal life. This week, work was just as crazy! Thank goodness I got some girlfriend time on Friday night to relax and laugh and catch up. If you leave around here, we went to Block 16 and would all highly recommend it!

Miss H is set to stay where she's at until the end of October so that buys me some time to get things done around here to make her move home easier. One of her roommates has moved out so we did move her from her very tiny room in her current house into the biggest room and she was a happy girl to finally have some breathing room there.

This Week I'm:
Mini-me (second from left) and
part of his cheering section

Listening To: Mini-me read some of his poetry at the 10th anniversary celebration at the College of Communications, Fine Arts and Media at the University. They selected one person or group to represent each area of study; we were so proud that he was selected to represent the English department.

Watching: Football, football, and baseball. Not much else except some HGTV reruns.

Reading: Just finished The Likeness today. That was a fun ride! Tonight I'm starting Randy Sue Meyer's Accidents of Marriage. Which I was supposed to have reviewed last Monday. Yeah, I'm definitely off my game right now!

Making: BLT salad, red velvet cake (yes, again), naked pasta with just picked tomato and basil, and sweet pickles.

Planning: The rearranging of the house will continue. My living room sofa has now been moved to my bedroom, my bedroom bookshelves were moved to another room, Mini-him's sofa is temporarily in set up in my living room but it's much too big there so it will, this week, get moved to our family room. Then we start rearranging tv's/entertainment centers. There is not enough alcohol in this house to keep me sedated.

Now what to do about that cedar
chest that's floating around in my
bedroom now?
Grateful for: A plan. There's still a lot of work to be done but at least I do have that plan I was craving last week!

Enjoying: A farewell dinner for my nephew who is moving to Dallas next weekend. Now I'll finally be able to convince The Big Guy to come to Dallas so I can meet some of my blogging friends!

Feeling: A little cranky. Miss H was talking about getting a punching bag when she moves back home and I might just encourage that. It would be so nice to just go down and punch out my stress!

Looking forward to: A three-day weekend. Trying to figure out if I should try to add an extra day onto it.


  1. I'm sure having a plan and a long weekend will be good. We've experienced similar situations. It's not always easy sharing your space with adult children although there are positives and you want to be available for them. Now our elder daughter is in the the same situation as her middle son has returned from a time in Australia and her third son is still at home. They're great lads and give her (a widow) a lot of support. It benefits them as they wouldn't be able to afford a place of their own at the moment.

  2. I cannot imagine the stress you feel as you try to fit everyone back into your house. Thankfully, Miss H's return is delayed a bit. That punching bag sounds like a great idea! You all may need a round or two before the fall is over!

  3. Oh no.. I hope your stress reduces as much as possible. Hope you get to destress this week. You need it!

  4. Oh my. You've been busy again. I must say though, you do handle the stress quite well. You still manage to work some fun stuff in and that's something I am trying very hard to do more often.