Sunday, November 29, 2015

Life: It Goes On - November 29

Hope that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving all enjoyed the day! Did you spend it with family or have a Friendsgiving celebration? We spent time with both sides of the family; missed those that weren't there but sure had fun with those that were.

Heading through that tunnel there leaving autumn behind and straight into winter this week. Thanksgiving got cut short for three of the kids thanks to winter road conditions coming in and work schedules on Friday. And that was just the start of it - today we are scheduled to get freezing rain followed by the chance of snow starting today into Tuesday. Already ready for winter to be over!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'll be continuing on with Cry, The Beloved Country for my book read but I'm also mixing in some podcasts, including Book Riot's "All The Books," and I'm easing myself into Christmas music.
It all started with planes flying without cockpits closed
and Lt. George Gay, who was rescued from the
ocean - thanks, Midway for all of the laughs!

Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy; college football, basketball, and volleyball; and Midway, a Thanksgiving eve tradition. A movie meant to be serious (just ask my history teacher dad) but one my siblings and I found hilarious the first time it chanced to come on. Amazing what a couple of cocktails will do. Hence, my siblings in the pic below with their pillow flotation devices. Next year, we're thinking we'll add Gone With The Wind. My mom even said she'll get us curtains from the Goodwill for props. Now just to figure out how to stage the burning of Atlanta without actually burning down the house.

Reading: Still Kafka On The Shore and Extra Virgin (as I try to get in one more nonfic read in November). But it's slow going - I just don't have the reading mojo right now even though I'm enjoying the books.

Making: Pork tenderloin, broccoli/cheese/rice casserole, pumpkin muffins, Starbucks coffee cake, brownies, spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter granola. I'm contemplating throwing something in the crockpot today to have ready for tomorrow. I have a feeling we'll be very late getting home from work.

Planning: On putting up the holiday decorations this week. The bins are upstairs but I just can't quite make myself open them yet. Might need to pick up some eggnog, pop in the Elf dvd, and mix things up a bit this year to get myself in the spirit.

Grateful for: Traditions like the Turkey Trot (grandkids are working on the puzzle to find their prize in the middle picture), field goal kicking, and Black Friday shopping with the ladies (which is as much about the time together as it is about the actual shopping).

Enjoying: Seeing my kids having fun with their cousins. Seems like only yesterday they were all underfoot and now they are all great adults!

Feeling: Like this next month is going to fly by - so much to be done. Just hoping we make sure to take time to enjoy the special activities that will be going on and find time to spend with friends.

Looking forward to: Sharing the crafts we've been working on. But not until after Christmas!


  1. I could almost copy and paste this post! Our holidays were pretty similar, except for the winter weather. We are finishing up a "No Snow November"... the first I can remember. No complaints ;-)

  2. That sounds like such a fabulous time with family! Those are always the best! It's going to be raining here all week but it hasn't been too cold this month. We'll see what next month is like.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of people are mentioning the full-on holiday rush that starts now. I am trying to ignore it, but I know that will do me no good. I can't wait to see all of your crafts after the holidays!

    Good luck tomorrow and this week!

  4. It was so cold this morning! I went out with only a sweater and am wishing now I had thought to put on a heavier jacket. Thirty-seven degrees out. Winter is definitely on her way. I am glad to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving, Lisa. We did too. It was just the three of us and everyone else who decided going to Disneyland an California Adventure was a bright idea for the holiday, but it was fun. :-)

    We watched Guardians of the Galaxy recently too. We watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope yesterday with Mouse. She really liked it (although she was distracted through some of it as can be expected). We got our inside Christmas decorations done and will try to get the outside ones done this next weekend.

    I hope you have a great week!

  5. Your Midway tradition looks like so much fun! I love when little random things stick and become such a part of a holiday. I'm avoiding the thought of switching out decorations too. Not ready! Have a great week!