Sunday, November 8, 2015

Life: It Goes On - November 8

We're kicking off the second week of November and my backdoor and windows are open today. Loving it! The sunshine and warm temps this weekend kind of make up for the fact that by the time I get home from work it's dark out. Kind of.

This has been something of a lost week. Mini-him has spent this weekend at the Anime Nebraskon which means that he and I have spent the past week creating his costume (more on that later). He always has grand plans but never seems to get started on them until the last minute. The Big Guy keeps telling me not to spend so much time on the costumes but I always see it as a challenge I just can't refuse!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Since I had some extra driving time this week, I decided to start an audiobook and I'm now about half through A Visit From The Goon Squad. I've pulled my print copy off the shelves as well so that I'm not missing out on the unusual aspects of the printed work.
Miss H is in there somewhere!

Watching: We were happy to see the K.C. Royals win the World Series last Sunday (Miss H even drove down for the parade on Tuesday!) and, of course, we're watching lots of football. I've even been watching some live streaming curling as the Husker's team has kicked off its season this weekend. Also enjoying "The Voice" this season and "Elementary" started the other night.

Reading: I finished Waiter Rant yesterday and started Kafka On The Shore which I'm reading with Ti of Book Chatter (she's an rabid avid Murakami fan who turned me on to his work). So excited about this one!

Making: Foodwise: beef stroganoff, fried potato casserole, and BLT's with tomatoes we just picked. Sadly, the plants got pulled yesterday so no more of those. Otherwise: a Mad Max costume from the latest movie. That mask took us about 20 hours and had me working with materials I've never used before and wielding a heat gun. Turns out when you're trying to make clothes dirty, it's a lot harder than you'd think. How do kids manage to do it so easily?

Planning: On finally getting the rest of Miss H's things settled. Between how busy she's been and how much I've had going on, her things are still all over my office and her room is still full of boxes.

Grateful for: This beautiful fall! It's making it so much easier to face the winter when the fall is this nice...and long.

Enjoying: Bookstores. I went to two yesterday - an indie to pick up Kafka On The Shore then Half-Price Books to sell some books. While I was there, I picked up Ruth Ozeki's A Tale For The Time Being.

Feeling: Fallish. We've been playing in the leaves today and the Thanksgiving decorations are up. Might be time to make some pumpkin bars.

Looking forward to: A week with absolutely nothing on the calendar. So far, anyway.


  1. Hooray for weeks with nothing on the calendar! That doesn't happen nearly often enough. I loved Goon Squad on audio, but did grab a print copy to see the power point section. Enjoy :)

  2. How fun that Miss H went to the parade! I hope she had a fantastic time! I can imagine you'll all be glad to get your office and Miss H's rooms settled. Love the costume and I don't think I've actually tried to make clothes dirty so I can see it being challenging. Have a great week!

  3. Mmmm...beef stroganoff. That is one of my all-time favorite meals. I definitely need to make it soon. Also, fried potato casserole? Do share!

    Way to go, Huskers, for their win over Michigan State this weekend! That is just awesome!

  4. A theater trick, to make clothes appear dirty you use charcoal!

    Your food always sounds so yummy. I am totally thinking of my Thanksgiving menu at the moment.

  5. I love being able to have to have the windows open too. :-) It's supposed to rain today--I see the clouds are rolling in now. That's good news for this area. I've been kind of in the mood to start a new audio book, but can't decide which one, which means it probably won't happen. I was trying to remember if I have Waiter Rant in audio, and think I actually do. Hmm.

    I hope you have a great week. It's nice when you have a week with nothing planned. Mouse and I both are off Wednesday for the holiday and she's excited about having a day just the two of us. :-)