Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lit: Uniquely Portable Magic

Just some random stuff in my head:

  • Apparently I have yet to master Edelweiss. I keep thinking I'm requesting books and then never hear anything about them. Once again, when I checked my account the other night it showed I had never requested any books. Huh? So I requested four books. And they're showing up now. We'll see.
  • I forced myself to finish a book this week. I hate doing that and I hate that I made myself do it. It started so fantastically, I just couldn't give up on it. I feel like I ask this about every six months, but how do you decide when to give up on a book?
  • I've been going back through the Netgalley books I've requested over the years but never got around to reading and reviewing (yeah, there was a whole problem with me "getting" that system as well). I thought I'd order several of them  when I found that I could order them through Barnes and Noble for a couple of bucks apiece. Until I realized that shipping from the various sources they'd come from would cost me more than $80! Needless to say, I backed that whole order out! Luckily, Better World Books had a sale for Memorial Day so six new books are on their way to my house, including three that I'd previously requested on Netgalley.

  • I am so in the doldrums reading-wise that I am seriously considering a reread just so I KNOW I'll like it. The Sparrow is parked in my brain lately and really wants to be read again. 
  • But so many books I haven't read yet!

  • Less than a month left to complete the Once Upon A Time challenge. I need to get started. Perhaps some fairy tales are just the thing to bust out of a reading slump.


  1. Lisa, I know what you mean about Edelweiss. I couldn't get the hang of it at first and just gave up. I decided to try it again a few months ago and finally got the hang of it. Now, I have books from there - hurrah! LOL! Netgalley was a bit easier to deal with, so I was definitely a fan of theirs early on. The only problem is that I get a bit too request-crazy and wind up with too many books that need to be read - ugh! And then when I'm looking at the titles in my kindle I forget what the books are about so I don't know which one to read first. Oh well. I guess too many books is better than no books, right? As for forcing yourself to finish a book, I do that too sometimes. I try not to, but its hard to just give up. I am getting better at DNFing though. If I don't like a book from the start I won't read it, but if I've already read half of it I just have to finish it (even if I'm not liking it). Such a bad habit. My trick is to skim read it if I don't like how its turning out, which isn't any better I guess. :)

  2. I'm always in favor of a reread to bust out of a slump. Yes there are so many new books I need to read but if I'm not reading anything I'm not getting those done either! I've stopped using Edelweiss. I did finally figure out how to use it but I'm not good at going back and posting the review and I'm drowning enough in NetGalley books. Enjoy your new books and good luck busting out of your slump! I say read what appeals to you and don't worry about anything else until you get out of the slump.

  3. How to decide when to stop reading a book? Who knows? I certainly don't because I still very rarely DNF a book.

  4. Yea, I have a tough time DNF-ing but sometimes you just HAVE TO! I tell myself "maybe someday, later" and then the books will sit on the shelf for another few years. That's what happened with Midnight's Children and I also wonder if I'll ever get back to Cry the Beloved Country.