Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Websites I Love That Aren't About Books

This week the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish are asking us to share our top ten favorite websites that aren't about books. It's fairly shocking that any of us have time to have ten favorite websites that aren't about books given the number of websites we visit that are about books. Let's be honest, there's no way I have time to visit most of these sites, or the book blogs I follow regularly. But I do like to check in for inspiration!

1. The Inspired Room - Melissa blogs mostly about home decorating and design, often what she's doing in her own home with a lot of resources for the ideas she's tossing about. But she also shares other homes, sometimes food, and often organizing and decluttering posts.

2. The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond came on my radar a few years ago when book bloggers started talking about her blog and her cookbooks. But I had no time to add anything more to my plate and steered clear of the bandwagon. Until one day when I caught her show on the Food Network. She's just a whole lot of fun and the food she made looked so good. I had to check it out. Now I'm hooked. I have not made one of her recipes that didn't turn out as promised (and if you cook, you know that's a rare thing); some of those recipes are now big family favorites.

3. Real Simple - My favorite magazine, the website also gives information about food, home, style, life and holidays. You can find recommendations for all kinds of products, recipes, and advice about etiquette, technology and travel. It's a go-to site for everything!

4. The Huffington Post - I do have some issues with how they pay writers (or don't) but it's a site that covers everything from politics to entertainment to health. 

5. Reddit - My boys love Reddit and talked me into giving it a try. If you want to talk about it, you can find it here. One caveat - there is a lot of crazy going on on Reddit. It's definitely a site where you want to remember that not everything on the web is true. 

Nesting Place

6. Nesting Place - Myquillan, her husband and three sons moved to a fixer-upper farm a few years back. She and her husband are big DIY'ers but she talks a lot about living in less than perfect spaces and rooms that are in limbo. You know, real life. She shares links to other articles every weekend, decorating ideas, and talks a lot about living with what you have.

7. Magnolia - Joanna's Blog - Everyone's favorite home renovation show, Fixer Upper, has it's web home here. Joanna shares her recipes, organizing tips, updates on their projects, and posts about their latest t.v. episodes. On the main web site, you will also find links to all of the products you've fallen in love with on the show.

8.  Eclectically Vintage - Kelly shares her own home but also takes readers along to a lot of other wonderful homes filled with beautiful rooms. She also shares directions for a variety of projects, links for shopping, and advice on collections. I always love the homes she shares.

9. Pinterest - Duh. Remember when you used to need an invitation to join Pinterest?

10.  Gretchen Rubin  - She of The Happiness Project and the Happier podcast. She's kind of my happiness guru now and even though I haven't plunged all-in on her ideas (yet), I've taken a lot of inspiration from her, including my word of the year, "happier."

What websites do you love to visit that I should be checking out?


  1. I've been meaning to read The Happiness Project for years!! Really need to get to that. I follow Real Simple on Twitter and click through to their website a fair amount. Theirs is my favorite magazine as well (was just flipping through an issue!).

    And ha! Can't we get a little more time in our days?? Please?!

    1. I have so many articles saved from Real Simple - of course, I never find time to go back through them!

  2. I love The Pioneer Woman, too. Her cook show is my fave to watch. I read Real Simple every month and really enjoy it. I should probably just go on their website instead of buying their mags. I just bought one of Rubin's books - it was for $1.99 on Amazon a few weeks ago and I figured I'd finally give her a go. Especially as I'm on a nonfiction kick lately. Plus, I saw her on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and really enjoyed what she had to say.

    1. Sometimes I think Rubin can get a bit cutesy with the names but so much of what she says rings true. Plus she is always asking for input.

  3. I love the Inspiration Room and The Pioneer Woman. I loved Rubin's books and I enjoy the Happiness podcast but I don't think I've ever looked at the site. I'll have to fix that!

    1. I would love to put the Happiness Project into motion but I feel it's something I need to get my hubby on board for and he's so darn stubborn!