Sunday, July 10, 2016

Life: It Goes On - July 10

What a terrible week we've had here in the U.S. So much sadness and anger. What happened in Louisiana and in Minnesota and in Texas all comes down to hate. Not long ago, a person commented on Facebook that hatred is really fear. We tend to fear what we do not know or understand.

I know I don't have any answers but I do know that I can't sit out here in my suburban safe haven any more and imagine that this is not my problem. Friday I did something that I have never done before - I joined a protest. The organizers brought it to my neck of the woods - no excuse for it being too far away or in a neighborhood I didn't feel safe in.

I learned a lot. About myself, about the people protesting, about the people who drove through the intersection who largely showed support, and about the police in Omaha. For the most part, the police hung well back and let people voice their frustration and the protesters were respectful of the police. I was really proud of Omaha. I might have been standing with those who feel disenfranchised but I also support the police. They have an incredibly hard job and put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. So, when I bought a couple of dozen doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme where I was parked, I first shared with the officers. Which made it on to Twitter!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Still Billy Lynn's Long Half Time Walk. I'm about a third of the way through and I'm feeling like I already get the point of the story and I'm not sure where it's going from here. It'll have to pick up this week or I may not finish it.

Watching: "Macbeth" at Shakespeare on the Green with The Big Guy last night. I had some trouble hearing and it's not a play you should be missing any of, but it was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed a picnic dinner, adult beverages and people watching as well as the play.

Reading: I'm hoping to finish The Light of Paris in the next couple of days, if I can get my hands on the iPad long enough. Then I'll finish The Year of Reading Dangerously. I'm enjoying it but it's time to finish it and put something new on my nightstand.

Making: We ate leftovers from our Fourth get-together for a couple of days, made a pizza, grilled some chicken thighs - mostly we took it easy in the kitchen.

Planning: As for this subject, I'm really enjoying working with/on my Bullet Journal. It's still a work in progress and I won't move it into a good journal book until I've got the kinks worked out and settle on the way I want it set up. I like having everything in one place and having as much room as I want for each day's plans and activities.

Thinking About: Ways to continue to be involved in making my community better.

Enjoying: Finding out that my nephew and his wife will be having a baby girl in October.

Feeling: Sad and annoyed. I've had to unfollow a blog this week when, in the course of a book review, the blogger felt it necessary to bring her political views into the review. I disagreed with her with but also found it to be a passive/aggressive move which was what drove me to unfollow her.

Looking forward to: My company's annual picnic and baseball game this week.

Question of the week: If you use a bullet journal, which book do you use?


  1. Re the book review, as you know, the same thing has been happening on Facebook. And the vociferousness is pretty shocking.

  2. That is awesome that you DID something to show your frustrations! I hope that others get out there and do the same. I know I have been writing and calling my representatives and senators to let them know how I feel. It makes me feel less impotent about all of this, you know?

    Geez. I hope I wasn't the one you unfollowed! LOL! Political views into a review - I can only see doing that if it is relevant to the story. I'm guessing it was not? Discussing politics is such a tricky business, especially since we as a society seem to have gotten less tolerant of opposing viewpoints. That makes me sad too.

    I do use a bullet journal! I keep mine in a Midori travel journal. I have one insert as my bullet journal and one as my diary. I have debated about adding diary entries right into my daily format, but I am afraid if someone were to get ahold of it and start reading. At work, I have a Leuchturm notebook I absolutely love. The paper seems thicker to me and doesn't bleed as much as the Moleskine ones.