Sunday, July 3, 2016

Life: It Goes On - July 3

When we first moved into this house twenty years ago, we were on the edge of town. Reasonable to expect that there might be some wildlife nearby but with no mature trees and very little other landscaping, we hardly had birds let alone raccoons.

Yesterday I looked out my window to see an opossum making it's way along the back fence line. While my cats were out in the backyard. Freaked the f out. Luckily, my cats were smart enough to stay back and were easily herded into the house. Less than an hour later, I looked out to see a mama opossum making her way, loaded down with babies, making her way back across my lawn. They are such ugly creatures and we really don't want a family of them living in our yard. But, I must say, there was something pretty cute about those babies clinging to their mama's back. I ran to get my phone to get a pic but by the time I got it, she had disappeared. Hopefully never to be seen again.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I finished Claire Messud's The Woman Upstairs (review Tuesday) on Thursday and decided not to start my next audio book until Tuesday. Listened to NPR on my drives the rest of the week and remembered how much I prefer to get my news from them.

Watching: U.S. Olympic Swim Trials every night and some of the track Olympic qualifying races as well. So love the swimming and it was fun to see a couple of "old" guys make the team in the 50 meters race but also see so many new faces on the team.

Reading:  I'll finish Graham Swift's Mothering Sunday tomorrow; really liking it a lot. Also reading Eleanor Brown's latest The Light of Paris. I'm early into that one yet, no opinion yet on it. It's from Netgalley so I need to get it read before it archives but...I'm really hankering for some nonfiction.

Making: Still summer foods. Yesterday I did slow cook a pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow and today I'll make dessert for tomorrow. On the fence about what that will be. Homemade ice cream and red velvet cake are traditions but strawberry shortcake is sounding so good. Which would you do?

Planning: A trip to Milwaukee the end of the month. So excited to get up there and see where Miss S is living (and where Mini-me will be living in a couple of months). We'll take in a Brewer's baseball game, spend time on the lake, explore their neighborhood and enjoy German Fest which will be going on the weekend we're there.

Thinking About: Spending the day reading. It won't happen but it's a nice idea!

Enjoying: Evenings with friends.

Feeling: Better today - yesterday was a day long headache that would not be defeated by ibuprofen or naps. Ugh - I hate days like that.

Looking forward to: Having family and friends over tomorrow to celebrate the Fourth. We'll keep it low-key but Mini-me and his grandpa have a lot of fun blowing "sh*# up together every year.

Question of the week: Do you have fun Fourth of July plans?


  1. We have quite a bit of wildlife living around our area. It's gotten more crowded with more development. Opossums, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes. I don't wish coyotes on anyone. There's one section of town that sees wild burros quite often. Opossums are ugly, but they are good for the environment and good at keeping the rats and mice population down.

    We've watched some of the swimming trials. I was sad to see that our local swimmer isn't going to be able to go to the Olympics.

    Your end of the month plans sound like fun. I love going to baseball games. We'll be going to a minor league game tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July. It'll be Mouse's first. She's most looking forward to the fireworks.

    Have a great week, Lisa!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about Light of Paris. I loved Brown's Weird Sisters but I haven't exactly been clamoring to read her newest. Hope you are feeling better today!

  3. GermanFest in Milwaukee! OH, I bet you have a BLAST.