Sunday, October 2, 2016

Life: It Goes On - October 2

October. How did that happen so soon? I know, I know - you all are all excited for your pumpkin spice latte everything and Halloween but I am in no rush. This last week of September has been just lovely - crisp mornings, beautiful evenings for dinner on the patio. I even left work early an extra day this week to enjoy a perfect, sunny afternoon.

Fortunately, as there's no way for me to prevent time from rolling on, this is a month filled with fun for us. Our anniversary; my birthday as well as birthdays of two nieces (happy birthday this week to both of them!), a nephew, a cousin, a brother, and my mom; AND my niece gets married next weekend.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'm back to The Weird Sisters after finishing The Bone Tree this week. I'm really enjoying the narration so, even though I do own it in print, I'll probably finish it on audio this week.

Watching: The Voice, The Good Place, The Black List, volleyball, baseball, and...wait for My beloved Huskers have already won as many regular season games as they did all of last year so we're pretty happy here.

Reading: I've got two books to finish for review this week, Linda Lafferty's The Girl Who Fought Napoleon (very much enjoying spending time in Russia!) and Ann Patchett's Commonwealth, which I'm also enjoying a lot.

Making: Steak salad, black bean enchiladas, BLT's, lasagna, and chocolate chip cookies (we even actually baked some cookies before we finished off the dough!).

Planning: On more work in my office. I've been going through stuff in there, trying to make some decisions on just how much crafting stuff/sewing stuff I need to keep given that I don't do much of either any more.

Thinking About: Going off Facebook for a while. It's my page and I feel like I should be able to post what I want and if you'd like to have a discussion with me about it, I'm more than willing to do that. But only if you have an interest in doing so respectfully. Which has been a problem with a couple of people, including my brother-in-law, resulting in my unfriending him yesterday. There may be differences of opinions but there is no need to be insulting.

Enjoying: Working with my mom yesterday on a project in one of their gardens. They wanted rock in this area so we weeded and raked, poured in red rock, moved and arranged some bigger rocks and pulled my grandpa's grinding wheel up front. My muscles enjoyed the workout!

Mini-me's under that beard
Feeling: Very proud of Mini-me! He had three poems published this month in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Check his stuff out here! Iambic pentameter it is not. Also, he got a job which he started this week so it's been a good week in a particular house in Milwaukee.

Looking forward to: My niece's wedding! She is marrying a really great guy so we are very happy for her. The wedding means a road trip so you know that means that, besides fancy wedding clothes, I'm also planning what to pack for reading.

Question of the week: What's your poison for the fall - caramel or pumpkin? 


  1. Yes, the Huskers are having a great season so far, aren't they? We've only watched one game (against the Ducks), but we know from all the fireworks/explosions that they're doing well. ;)

    Ah, yes. Facebook. I've had to stop following a few people since they only seem to post highly negative/nasty remarks about the candidate they are not fond of. It's getting old. I probably "like" too many posts with regards to the person I'm in favor of, but I try not to get too political and certainly don't personally rant about the opposition. I'm concerned about the outcome, but I'll be glad when this election is finally over.

    Off to enjoy this gorgeous day. Yesterday, I walked for an hour on the bike trail and I'm planning to do the same, only in the opposite direction, today. Have a good week!

  2. The answer to your question. Gravy. LOL. I make a mean gluten free gravy and to me, fall means gravy. Thanksgiving is the only time I eat gravy!

  3. I'm a pumpkin gal all the way!

    Congrats to Mini-me on his big week!

    Regarding FB, when two of my BILs decided to start attacking me for my political views, that was the end for me. Elections and national crises tend to bring out everyone's true colors, and the last election was enough for me to call it quits. Best decision I ever made. I have not missed FB at all, even though I still get irked when companies/people do all of their advertising or make big announcements or "send out" party invites on FB only because it baffles me how anyone can assume that everyone has a form a social media. But, I make due and live in blissful ignorance of everyone's true feelings. I hope you can find some respite from the crazy!

  4. Caramel's my poison! Yum!

    Congratulations to your niece and happy happy birthday to everyone celebrating this month! Congratulations to Mini-Me! Love your post - so much to be happy about. :-) I love Fall best - not too cold, not to warm, it's just perfect.

  5. I've been considering a break from Facebook. I don't blame you for considering it too. Congratulations to Mini-Me on his poems. That is so awesome. It sounds like your October will be an especially busy one, Lisa. I hope it goes well.

    Oh, and can I have both? Caramel and pumpkin? Maybe not together, but maybe . . .