Sunday, October 23, 2016

Life: It Goes On - October 23

Greetings from sunny, beautiful Omaha where I am trying like crazy to enjoy every bit of fall before it leaves us. We're trying to get in all the usual fall activities, enjoy the colors, the softness of the light, the smells.

We've had a busy few days with a day trip planned today as well. We were entrusted to check out a reception venue for Mini-me and Miss S on Thursday and I'm happy to report that we now have that decided. I'm already decorating the hall and veranda in my head. We went to a wedding yesterday and I was taking mental notes like crazy. I wish my phone wouldn't have died; sadly, I got no pictures.

As much fun as I had yesterday, I was bummed to miss Dewey's readathon. My apps were flooded with pictures: Twitter, Litsy, and Instagram all reminded me how much fun so many of you were having curled up with a good supply of snacks and an even better supply of books for 24 hours. It felt odd not to spend Friday night getting things prepped and crawling into bed early.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I finished West of Sunset Friday and will start Zadie Smith's NW tomorrow. Or I'll wait another day because I really loved the narration on West of Sunset and it till be hard to live up to; I may need to give it another day or two. Perhaps some podcasts first.

Watching: This morning I'm waiting French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. It's one of those movies I can't help but watch every time it's on t.v.

Reading: I'm finishing up You Will Know Me today then I think I'll start Sarah Water's Fingersmith. 

Making: Pumpkin cupcakes. Twice. Once, accidentally, without the pumpkin. Those looked ridiculous but my family insisted they still tasted good and ate them as muffins for breakfasts.

Planning: See above. My next order of business is to sew a kilt. Yes, a kilt. My family has Scottish heritage and Mini-me would like to wear a kilt in our clan pattern. Have you ever priced a kilt? They are crazy expensive, as much as the bride's gown. So I decided to sew one. How hard can it be, right? It's all straight lines and math. Yeah, I don't believe it will be that easy, either. That's why I'll do one out of muslin first.

Thinking About: How little I'm getting done around the house this weekend, which makes me a little twitchy. But we couldn't pass up all of the fun things we did yesterday or the chance to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors today.

Enjoying: Tailgating at the Husker game yesterday. We first met up with friends who have a regular spot and throw a great party every home game. Then we headed off to meet up with Lori of An Irreverent Escapade and her boyfriend. Lori and I "met" seven years ago on Goodreads and finally got to meet for reals last summer.

Feeling: Proud. Watching my daughter find her passion and really start to go after it is so much fun!

Looking forward to: Heading down to Nebraska City this afternoon for our annual trip to get apples and enjoy the trees at the Arbor Day Lodge.

Question of the week: Daylight Savings Time ends this coming weekend. I, for one, will be in mourning for that extra hour of daylight I get in the evenings but I know a lot of people are looking forward to it. What side of the debate do you fall on?


  1. I will miss the extra hour of light in the evening, but it's SO dark in the morning now that I'm looking forward to the change. Hubby is, too, so he can run in the morning before work again. Wonder if I would have liked West of Sunset more on audio. It was good enough, but not one of my favorite O'Nan novels.

  2. It sounds as if you had a good, productive week. I hope you manage to get the fabric and a pattern to make that kilt. I don't particularly like getting up in the morning when it's dark. We wake around 7 a.m. and get up straight away as I like to get on with my day. I'm not so bothered about the evenings because I'm not usually out-and-about then. We eat early and then settle down for the evening. I hope the good weather continues for you and you have a good week.

  3. I detest Daylight Savings Time. Give me back standard time so that I can finally wake up in the morning to sunlight!

    We did not get out to do fun fall activities like I wanted since my girl decided to drag her feet on doing her homework. I am hoping to do so this weekend though, as long as the weather cooperates one last time!

  4. I wish we didn't have DST, period. I like Fall Back because I'll be up earlier for a while and can get a lot done in the morning before work. Of course, I pay for it by being tired sooner in the evenings. But I dislike that it's already dark in the evenings by the time I get out of work.

  5. I'm wondering if Fall will ever arrive here in KC... it is in the mid-80s here.... in October!! YUCK

    Can you believe I have never seen French Kiss?! And I love Meg Ryan. I will have to rectify that shortly.