Monday, June 19, 2017

Life: It Goes On - June 18

Bottom: as the 80+ mph winds blew through and branches came
down and as the storm moved out
It's been a week. I'm glad to have over, capped by giant storms that moved through our area Friday night that resulted in tornadoes and a lot of damage from straight-line winds.

We were fortunate in only losing a couple of good-sized branches from one of our big trees and a lot of leaves and small twigs all over the yard, but it has meant The Big Guy has had to take time to chop the branches down and get everything cleared up and hauled off to the drop site.

We did enjoy spending yesterday at the College World Series. Miss H picked up four tickets for BG for Father's Day so she, he, Mini-him and myself soaked up the sun, the fun and the atmosphere. We don't have a dog in the fight but it's always a great place to mingle with new people from all over the country who have come to cheer on their teams. It's billed as the Greatest Show on Dirt and the atmosphere around the stadium is pretty great, too.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts, podcasts, and more podcasts. I've listened to episodes of Reading Women, Happier, You Must Remember This, and Get Booked.

Watching: Still Grace and Frankie, The Mindy Project, This is Us plus we started Veep. And, of course, CWS games.

Reading: I finally finished The Confusion of Languages and tried to get back into The H Spot but it's just too heavy for me right now. Not sure what I will pick up after I finish The Engagements for book club.

Making: Chicken, lots of chicken. Miss H is doing a kind of diet and chicken is on the menu for her a lot. Consequently, it's on the menu for BG and me as well.

Planning: We're almost there, folks, and the actual planning is basically done. Now the planning is all about making sure it all goes off without a hitch.

Thinking About: How much cleaning I'd still like to get done around my house that may, or may not, actually get done. Let's face it, I'm probably the only person that will notice if all of the door frames haven't been wiped down.

1st tomato of 2017!
Enjoying: An evening with friends from Arizona who used to live a couple of blocks away. We met at another friend's house and talked into the wee hours. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Feeling: Happy - harvested my first tomato of the season.

Looking forward to: My kids getting here on Saturday!

Question of the week: I'm headed off to book club this week. I'm still tweaking the schedule for the rest of the year. What book is the book you always recommend to book clubs?

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  1. THE book, huh? It depends on the group. If they are mostly folks that like edgy reads or best sellers, I usually mention Fates & Furies or something like that. I didn't love it but it's a great discussion book. If they like TRUE discussion and don't care how depressing a book is, We Need To Talk About Kevin. It cannot be read without discussion. If they like non-fiction but again, don't mind a depressing tone, Five Days at Memorial.

    The wedding is so close!! I saw your countdown... ten days is it?