Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life: It Goes On - August 27

One more shot of the lake, then it's probably time to acknowledge that summer it over since next weekend if Labor Day. The calendar may say it's still summer for three more weeks but once we come to Labor Day and school has started everywhere, it's time to acknowledge that fall has arrived. We've had an unseasonably cool and wet August which has helped ease me into the idea of autumn arriving but I'm not ready for pumpkin lattes just yet!

I wish you could see how great these pics really look!
I've spent a lot of time running around this week and doing some minor redecorating. Some new photos from my brother ( for Miss H's bathroom meant his photos that were already in there moved to the family room. Of course, that meant that everything else got moved around some. I love how changing up the artwork gives a room a whole new feel.

This Week I'm: 

Listening To: Stuff You Should Know, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Stuff You Missed In History Class. There are so many interesting podcasts but I can't keep up with what I'm already downloading. Didn't stop me from subscribing to a new Book Riot podcast, Annotated.

Watching: This morning, Flea Market Flip but we cannot wait until tonight's season finale of Game of Thrones!

Reading: Jamie Ford's (Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet) latest novel, Love And Other Consolation Prizes. Ford stays true to his roots, once again exploring the Seattle area and the experience of Asian immigrants. And I'm pretty sure I'll be crying before I finish the book.

Making: Big changes in Miss H's bathroom! I've got a beautiful new shower curtain, new towels, and new decor. Today I'm painting. I can't wait to see it all pulled together!

Planning: A trip to Milwaukee next weekend!

Thinking About: Ways to make myself focus on the present - as in, enjoy autumn and not worry about coming winter.

Enjoying: Curling! People, I tell you, I was in heaven last night watching teams from four countries curl. I've only experienced curling in the Olympics; I had no idea there were two-person curling teams. We saw some great games.

Feeling: Optimistic.

Looking forward to: Lots of time with my kiddos this week.

Question of the week: I know a lot of you are really ready for autumn but, for those of you who are like me, are fighting the end of summer. What do you do to help ready yourself for cooler days? What makes trading in sandals for socks worthwhile?

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  1. These cooler temperatures this month have me totally anxious for fall. I would have pulled out my fall decor this weekend had my family let me do it. I am so ready for long sleeves, booties, flannel and fleece, slippers, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and all the Halloween fun!