Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Classics Club Spin

Every...oh, heck, I don't know how often...The Classics Club has a "spin." You're meant to make a list of twenty books that you post to your blog and then the overlords at The Classics Club will spin the wheel of death to get a number and you're to read the book that corresponds to that number. I'm just kidding - it's not a wheel of death (at least I assume not) and I'm pretty sure there is no overlord at The Classics Club. At any rate, you get the idea.

You'll have noticed that I didn't put up a list of choices last week. That's because I've never joined in on the spin before and really didn't think I'd be doing it now. Until the other day when the spin result post popped up on my reader and a little light bulb went on. I have very few reading commitments in December so I have plenty of time to read whatever I want. And I clearly need a kick in the butt with my classic reading.

The spin result was #4 so I just picked the fourth book down on my list. Which means that, before December 31, I'll be reading Thomas Hardy's Far From The Maddening Crowd. Once I've read the book, I also plan on watching the 2015 movie adaptation starring Carrie Mulligan. I'm looking forward to both!

Anyone want to read along with me?


  1. Lucky you! That was one of my favorite books a couple years ago, and I loved the movie, too.

  2. Far From the Madding Crowd is terrific--great characters, great setting, interesting story. Then, once you're done you can watch the Julie Christie/Alan Bates movie and compare it to the much more recent Carey Mulligan version. I love both versions myself. Hope you enjoy it, and glad you gave the Classics Club spin a whirl!

  3. The Classics Club sounds like a good way to encourage us to read more classic novels. Watching a movie adaptation at the same time would be enjoyable.