Sunday, November 26, 2017

Life: It Goes On - November 26

I had every intention of at least getting a Thanksgiving greeting up last week; but, you know, life... Miss H left on Friday for a ten-day driving trip to South Carolina so we spent a lot of time last week making sure she had every thing she would need for that. As you can imagine, I felt like I was driving along with her every mile of the way until she safely arrived at her friend's place last evening. I don't know about her, but I'm exhausted! Proud of her for having the courage to do it; I don't think I have the courage to do it.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: My favorite thing I listened to this past week was my great-niece chattering. She was so much the center of attention that we were almost able to ignore the Huskers' painful football loss. Almost.

Watching: See above.

Reading: I have only read 10 pages since Wednesday night. But I have started Pachinko which I am reading with Care of Care's Books and Pie. Care is a big reader of the books selected for The Morning News' Tournament of Books and Pachinko is one of the book selected for the tournament.

Making: Crockpot cherry steel cut oats, bread pudding (and bread crumbs with the crusts), banana bread, pumpkin muffins, egg muffins. My mom insisted on doing all of the food for Thanksgiving dinner herself which is why you don't see any of that kind of food on my list. It also explains where I got my control freak tendencies from, doesn't it?

Planning: On getting Christmas decorations up this week. I usually do them this weekend but my sister, her husband, their daughter and her fiancé came in yesterday and spent the night. So no decorations yet but at least my house is clean!

Thinking About: I believe I've mentioned that my thoughts were on the road with Miss H. Which is pretty much what I'll be thinking about until she pulls into our driveway next Sunday.

Enjoying: Gorgeous, gorgeous weather. It was so warm that when the crew went up to the high school near my parents' for the annual field goal kicking contest, they didn't even need to wear jackets. You'll notice some even wore shorts.

Feeling: Like I don't really want to get out the Christmas decorations. Does that make me a Scrooge? I really love my fall decorations so I'm always sad to put them away. Plus, it's such a major job!

Looking forward to: A much quieter week both at work and at home.

Question of the week: Am I the only one who doesn't look forward to starting the whole Christmas decorating process?


  1. This is the first year in about a decade that I'm excited to put up our Christmas tree. Working at Barnes & Noble makes for an exhausting holiday season. I usually worked Black Friday and about 6 days a week up until New Year's. Decorating for the two of us just didn't sound like fun, so we decided to skip it. Now that we're retired, I have the time and energy to decorate. I plan to put the tree up today and start working on my Christmas cards this coming week. I might even do some baking!

    Glad you're having such lovely weather. We've had rain, but at least it's not terribly cold.

  2. HEE HEE!! Such a (beautiful caring) mom! YET you took off on a cross country drive with some dude (so, yea, you ended up marrying him, but still) and you are worried about your dot. AMIRIGHT?! Not scolding/judging, just mindful of the comparison...
    I have yet to start Pachinko cuz I was unable to download to my kindle before the trip and I only have my phone and gosh is it TINY to read on...

  3. I struggle with changing seasonal decor too. Plus, I don't like my Christmas decor as much as I love my autumnal decor so I find myself dragging my feet too. The plan this year is to do it slowly over the course of a week. That way maybe it won't feel like such a chore. We shall see!