Sunday, November 12, 2017

Life: It Goes On - November 12

Thursday morning everyone in my company was pulled into a meeting where they announced that 15% of the company was being laid off and by noon they were gone. In the hours between the meeting and noon, the tension was through the roof and, afterward and into Friday, there was a sense of mourning hanging over those who survived the cut. I was lucky and still have a job but it certainly makes one concerned for the future.

On CBS Sunday Morning today, they had a story about charity where those in need can come to get free books. A fire had destroyed the warehouse the charity is housed in and the man who runs it thought that was that. But locals weren't letting it go and soon they were holding fundraisers and cash and book donations poured in...7,000 boxes of books. My husband looked at me and said "You could run a place like that." To say that the wheels in my head are spinning now is an understatement. I mean, after Thursday I can't help but think it might be time to make a change.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: NPR in the mornings and podcasts most of the rest of the time, including Crimetown, Singing Bones, and Stuff You Missed In History Class.

Watching: "La La Land," finally. I do love movie musicals and the sets and cinematography were incredible. Ryan Gosling turns out to have one flaw...he's not much of a singer. Luckily, the filmmakers managed to work around that, giving Emma Stone the lion's share of the work in their duets. I'll likely watch it again, maybe even this week.

Reading: I'm racing to finish The Witches by Stacy Schiff for book club on Tuesday. I'm very impressed by Ms. Schiff's research and writing.

Making: Chicken and noodles, taco salads, lasagna and brownie sundaes (the last two for dinner with my parents today). I'm planning on making chili this week. The Big Guy thinks it's going to be too warm for chili but I disagree. I'm in the mood for chili and cinnamon rolls.

Planning: On ordering Christmas cards this week; I'd love to have those in the mail and off my to-do list by the first of December.

Thinking About: What it takes to start a nonprofit. See above.

Enjoying: A basketball game today with my girl.

Feeling: Is it getting old for me to say, I'm feeling like I need a third day to this weekend?

Looking forward to: Book club this week!

Question of the week: If I open a nonprofit book warehouse, will you please come volunteer?


  1. My husband was pulled into his boss' office on Wednesday, told that they were restructuring the organization, and that my husband was to be the "first of many" to be let go. His last day was Friday. They did give him a severance package, and we should be okay for two months. Still, now is not the time to be let go of any job with the holidays looming!

    If you do start a NFP, let me know if you want someone to do your books for you!

  2. Wow! That's pretty sad to have a layoff so close to the holidays. My heart goes out to your co-workers!

    I've watched La La Land twice now and I love it! The music and dancing make me smile, in spite of Gosling's poor singing.

    Ah, chili and cinnamon rolls. Never knew about this combination until we moved to Nebraska. I may have to introduce it to our friends here in Oregon.

  3. Who announces lay offs and hey proceeds with them right away?? That seems dangerous to me given the high stress loads everyone has these days. Here, if someone if fired they are told so and then escorted out by police! And it's a university. They also confiscate computers in my dept because an IT employee could really destroy the entire infrastructure with one button. Eeek. I'm glad you are still employed but what a crap move to do it right before the holidays.

  4. I'm glad things worked out in your favor but it makes you think and it sounds like running a nonprofit would be a great change. If I lived close to you I would definitely volunteer at your warehouse! Good luck with your plans!

    I was thoroughly enjoying Witches but then October ended so quickly and my mind went to other reads. I'll have to get back to it soon. And I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    Ryan Gosling isn't much of a singer but he can dance and he has great presence. I really enjoyed La La Land.

  5. What an awful feeling--and so sudden, the way all those employees were let go. I'm sorry for those who lost their job and sorry for those of you who remain in such a tense filled situation. I can imagine that uncertainty you and the remaining employees feel will be around for awhile, unfortunately.

    I am so glad to hear you are enjoying The Witches. I have had my eye on that one for awhile, but had heard mixed reviews and so haven't yet picked it up. I'm really curious about it though--the subject matter especially interests me.

    My Christmas cards just arrived in the mail. They turned out well--except for one obvious error. I'm beginning to think it's a tradition. LOL

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I've worked at a company that did massive layoffs and like yours when you were laid off you left right then. There was no 30 days notice for security reasons. Those are rough even for the survivors. You feel guilty and insecure and it's just so sad. I do like the idea of a bookish nonprofit! That'd be amazing though I'm sure heavier on the paperwork side than the bookish side but giving books to people would make up for it I think. Hope this week has been great!