Sunday, January 14, 2018

Life: It Goes On - January 14

Hmmm, well, I suppose it's officially winter now when there are more days in single digits than not and schools are closed for the day. Ick. I just want to make soups. And desserts. The Big Guy keeps reminding me that we don't need either. But I'm making rice pudding today anyway.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I've been having a lot of fun building playlists on Spotify. Which means I've been listening to parts of a lot of different songs before I decide if they go on a playlist of not. It also means I'm getting a bit concerned about my inability to even focus on three minutes.

Watching: Football (so said that the season is almost over, although, let's be honest, all of the teams I care about have long since been done), Longmire with BG and The Mindy Project with Miss H.

Reading: Kitchens Of The Great Midwest for book club this week.

Making: Chocolate cookie bars. I have no idea what we've eaten this week if that's all I've made.

Planning: After that initial flush of "it's a new year!" planning, I've got nothing. It's a January thing. You'd think that would make me want to plan ahead, wouldn't you?

Pretty much what I've been doing this week, too!
Thinking About: Spending the day with a heating pad on my face. Ugh, I know it's a little thing in the scheme of life, but I'm feeling whiny today.

Enjoying: Got my hair cut and colored yesterday. If I ever win the lottery (although I'm sure you need to play to win), I'm putting my stylist on my staff. Why does someone else blowdrying and styling your hair feel so much better than when you do it yourself?

Feeling: Like spending the next two months inside until winter is almost over. Except for...

Looking forward to: Book club on Tuesday and the Women's March on Saturday. Lordy, I hope it warms up some by then!

Question of the week: For those of you who actually experience winter, what things do you do to make it better?


  1. I could use a nap. Well, not right now because it's almost bed time, but earlier today I really wanted one. Such a pretty cat. They sleep in the most interesting positions, don't they? I love getting my hair done too. I would definitely hire someone to do it for me if I could afford it. But first would be a housekeeper and a cook. I hope things warm up for you, Lisa. Have a great week!

  2. I've been hearing from friends in Nebraska about the bitter chill and snow and I truly feel sorry for them. I so do not miss that weather!! I know we're now living in a very rainy environment, but I'll take that over subzero temps any day. I hope it warms up for you pretty soon.

  3. What do I do to make winter better? Refuse to go outside unless I absolutely have to. Wear fuzzy socks as often as possible. Surround myself with lots and lots of blankets. And when I am really cold and miserable, a long, hot bath. These are how I get through winter...and one of the reasons why it is my favorite season outside of autumn.

  4. A heating pad on your face??? How can that be good??

    Well, you know that we have very little winter here. It was close to 80 yesterday although today it is gloomy and the snow level is expected to drop to 3200 ft which is pretty low for us. If I had your cold weather I would be all cozy with my candles, my hot beverages and good TV. It's hard to snuggle up to anything when it's 80 outside.