Sunday, October 27, 2019

Life: It Goes On - October 27

Guys, this fall is making me work even harder than usual to not spend the entire season worrying about winter coming. Cooler than normal temperatures, grey skies, strong winds. Ugh. So I'm off to the woods and pulling even more fall into the house.

Last Week I:
Listened To: The Trial of Lizzie Borden (review to come in Nonfiction November) and this weekend we are listening to a lot of podcasts, including Radiolab and Criminal.

Watched: The Voice, This is Us, and the World Series. According to Miss H, we’re meant to be cheering for the Nationals (or, rather, against the Astros), but we really don’t care who wins; we just enjoy watching when every game really counts.

I have been reading up a storm! I finished M. C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House and Jeffrey Rosen’s Conversations With RBG and I started Lindy West’s The Witches Are Coming.

Made: Caprese pasta, tacos, and BLTs – all to use up the remaining fresh-picked tomatoes on our counter. We’ve got more tomatoes wrapped in newspaper and ripening in the garage but, even though they are still better than anything you can buy in the grocery store, they just aren’t as good as those that fully ripened on the vine.

Currently enjoying a visit to my sister’s house. Every time we’ve seen her and her husband this year, things have been busy and we haven’t had enough time to talk so we decided a road trip was in order. Let’s be honest, we’ll talk all weekend and we still won’t have had enough time to talk! Or laugh or drive our husbands crazy (which are sort of the same thing).

This Week I’m:

Planning: Lots of celebrations – my birthday tomorrow, our anniversary on Wednesday, my mom’s birthday on Thursday, and a party for friends who are like family who are celebrating their Golden Anniversary.

Thinking About:
What still needs to be done in my basement. We’ve got two more weeks for the citywide cleanup so I want to make sure I’m getting everything out of the basement that I want to get rid of and get it delivered to that event.

Autumnal. Can that even be a feeling? The leaves have been gorgeous this past week and falling so that when you walk outside, you’re getting that crunchy sound. Also, free fall decor is falling out of trees. Yes, I did pick up a branch in the parking lot at work. The Big Guy's just rolled his eyes.

Looking Forward To: All of that celebrating!

Question of the week:
How do you celebrate Halloween? Are you a go-big-or-go-home person or is passing out candy that night as much as you care to do?

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  1. First off, I hope you had a lovely birthday!
    Halloween. Was supposed to have my daughter's friends over but that didn't happen. She told me this before I bought all the food so it was fine. I made something good for my husband and I to eat, sloppy joes, and then I handed out loads of candy. Over 400 kids by my groups of ten estimate. We also watched Charlie Brown and tried to watch Halloween II but I had to keep getting up. I am not one for parties though. We have to do them for youth group and no one really enjoys the forced camaraderie.