Sunday, October 6, 2019

Life: It Goes On - October 6

Oh, how I wish it were this sunny and warm here! We have had the wettest, gloomiest, coolest last few weeks. It makes it so hard for this girl to try to love autumn. And I'm already having to do the yard things that mean winter is coming - pulling the basil plants to dry, cutting back the peony bushes and lilies, bringing in pots of herbs. I need some beautiful, colorful, crisp fall days! On the plus side, dreary days equal a lot of curled-up-in-a-corner-of-the-sofa-reading days!

Last Week I:

Listened To: Ask Again, Yes - I finished this today while I was working on projects. Tomorrow I'll start Sarah Blake's latest, The Guest Book.

Watched: Volleyball, baseball, football (lots of football, but then you already knew that), and today I even watched some WNBA basketball.

Read: Elizabeth Strout's followup to Olive Kitteridge, Olive, Again. Loved it. I'm about half way done as well with M. C. Beaton's Death of A Witch and Jeffrey Rosen's Conversations with RBG.

Made: The plus side of all of these cool, dreary days is that I've been inspired to cook! This week I brined and roasted a chicken (why have I never brined a chicken before?!), made chili, chicken soup with orzo, and French onion soup and before I head to bed I'm going to put together a chicken potpie with the rest of that roasted chicken.

Enjoyed: A trip to the library, some thrifting, a morning at the salon, and an evening out with friends.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: The reorganization of the basement continues. I finished the first stage today; it's always exciting when these kinds of things work out the way you were hoping they would. This week I'll start stage two, which is bound to terrify The Big Guy even more than stage one did!

Thinking About: A meeting I went to the other day about the new library branch that will be built in the next couple of years near me. They are just in the very beginning stages of planning and asked for community involvement to see what we'd like to see included. There weren't many people at the meeting so my friend and I really felt like our voices were heard.

Feeling: Tired, in a good way that says "you've accomplished a lot this weekend."

Looking forward to: Another quiet week. I don't think there's a thing on my calendar that I have to do this week. But, as my mom reminded me last week, that can change quickly at my house!

Question of the week: I broke down and had my first pumpkin coffee this weekend. Have you started having all things pumpkin yet?


  1. Hope you enjoyed Ask Again, Yes as much as I did... and I can't wait to read Olive, Again!!

  2. It's been 90+ degrees here after fooling us with a few cooler days. It's not horribly unpleasant but my power bill is so high and I'd really like to give the AC a break and have it feel like fall.

    I am not a huge pumpkin spice fan but I like all the fall drinks regardless. Anything with cinnamon like a cinnamon latte or a white hot chocolate with a cinnamon pump. But I am on WW now so everything is sugar free this or that. Bleh.

  3. Yes to the pumpkin! I've been having pumpkin cold brew coffee from Starbucks since September. Pumpkin pancakes have been a favorite in my house as well.

    Good luck with your basement reorganization! And I hope the gloom goes away for a few weeks so you can enjoy a bit of Autumn this month. We've been having cool nights and chilly days but sun and sun and sun here. We even made it into the mountains for a fall color hike. Gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!