Sunday, May 31, 2020

Life: It Goes On - May 31

Happy Sunday! Can you believe that tomorrow is June? In so many ways that past few months have seemed to drag on and on. And yet, here we are, almost half way through the year. Maybe it's because, with almost no events on our calendars to mark off time, it just seems to disappear?

Last Week I:

Listened To: I'm listening to The Jane Austen Society right now for a review tour. As much as I love Jane Austen, I'm not usually a fan of spin-off books. But I took a chance on this one and I'm really enjoying it.

Watched: Last night we watched Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, and Antonio Banderas in The Laundromat. It was not what I expected at all but we both liked it. There are a lot of cameos in it, including Sharon Stone, James Cromwell, and Jeffrey Wright. Will Forte appears on screen all of about three seconds. Only a director like Steven Soderbergh could convince actors to do that!

Read: Guys, I'm still working my way through Gods, Graves and Scholars. I just can't make myself sit down to read for any period of time, even when it's as interesting as this is. I did also pick up Florence Adler Swims Forever which took a turn early on that I did not see coming and which made the book all the more interesting for me.

Made: That towel rack I was telling you about last week is finally made and on the wall! I'm not 100% loving the "hooks," but they really don't show once I have three towels up and they will work until I can find what I really want. Meanwhile, I like the look of it so much more than what we had!

Enjoyed: Friday night was gorgeous and my patio is nearly to where I want it to be so we had friends over. It's still weird to sit so far apart from each other, to not be able to share a bottle of wine, and to have two separate snack plates. But the guys played cornhole and we all enjoyed some s'mores so it felt a little bit more normal.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On finishing up work on the patio (although the search for chair cushions continues - I want a certain look, he wants a certain price tag!). Then it's on to the garage for the annual "what the hell happened in here in the past year" clean up. 

Thinking About: The protests. I can't condone proper destruction; but I also don't know what you do with the kind of anger people of color are feeling. There are a lot of great things to read and watch out there and I highly recommend, if you want to understand, watching Trevor Noah's explanation.

Feeling: Nervous, angry, disappointed, sad, proud - it's been a weekend for all of the feelings.

Looking forward to: Celebrating my parents' anniversary today. Their wonderful neighbors decided that since they had been unable to celebrate their 60th anniversary a couple of years ago, they wanted to throw them a social distancing driveway anniversary party. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why my parents' neighborhood is the best!

Question of the week: How has all of this changed you? In the past two months, I have been in the salon once. I have not been in any other store. I almost went into the garden center of Lowe's yesterday but I couldn't make myself do it. Not when I saw that half the people going in weren't wearing masks to help protect me. I wonder when I will feel safe around people again.


  1. Lisa, it's been a sad week for this country in so many ways. As for the pandemic, I haven't been in a salon since mid February, we have a personal shopper deliver groceries and other than a non routine doctor appt. I've only been inside 2 stores with masks - CVS and the garden shop of Home Depot but, everyone wore masks there.

    Let's hope things get better soon.

    1. I wish everyone would stop being such babies and just wear masks as much as possible. It would make life easier for so many of us who are trying like hell not to get this virus.

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents! What wonderful neighbors they have!

    Great job on the towel rack! Love it!

    I have been to stores and our local nursery. Even to Lowes. But that's it. The only store here (that I've been to) where I didn't see a lot of masks was Target. So I'm not returning back there anytime soon.

    1. I miss Target but I was afraid that was what I would find there. I haven't even done pick up there since I started working from home because some of the things that I wanted from there couldn't even be picked up - you had to go into the store which was really frustrating.

  3. Some of the looters were interviewed here and they all said it had nothing to do with the protests. They just wanted to steal stuff while the police were distracted. I just don't understand how the peaceful protestors were eventually tear gassed and the looters, many of them got away.

    1. To be honest, I don't know what I would do with so much anger for so long so I can't entirely blame the rioting. But the looting really is just about taking advantage of a situation and makes things worse for the people who are protesting.