Sunday, July 19, 2020

Life: It Goes On - July 19, 2020

Happy Sunday - the sun is shining here and the temps are lower than they have been in the past few days so it's a good day to be outside. Which is a good thing because I have a lot of projects to finish up outside before Miss H's move next weekend. Yesterday it was so hot and humid that I looked like I had been swimming by the time I was done painting. Oops - sorry about that visual! Hope you have all had a good week and are staying safe!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished The Vanishing Half and, finally, The New Jim Crow. I'm already going to apology for my review of that last one - I took ten pages of notes and I'm going to try to stick to talking about the book itself and not get too much into what I learned from it but I don't I'll be able to stop myself entirely. Then I started Kiley Reid's Such A Fun Age

Watched: The usual Rick Steve's on Saturday and CBS Sunday Morning today plus a lot of HGTV but nothing much of note that I recall. 

Read: I started Richard Powers The Overstory based strictly on the fact that I had heard it was great (it did earn the Pulitzer Prize, after all). It is not only really good but really different. I've already recommended it to Mini-me because I know he'll appreciate a book of short stories that are all tied together by a theme of trees. 

Made: I have been so lazy in the kitchen this week and trying to leave the oven off as much as possible. I did make that vegan chocolate pie last Sunday which was delicious. Otherwise, we've grilled and done salads. 

Enjoyed: Last weekend's visit with Mini-me and Ms. S plus a surprise extra night with them on their way back home from Colorado which was extra special because all six of us got to be together for the first time in six months. It was just what the doctor ordered. 

This Week I’m:  

This dresser is getting it's fourth
Everything this week is focused on getting Miss H moved this weekend. We've got a few things left to pickup, a shelf I need to get painted today, groceries to buy, and more sorting and packing to be done. 

Thinking About: Oh, you know this by now - global pandemic, systemic racism, the federal government kidnapping people off the streets in Portland...

Feeling: For some reason, it just finally hit me today that Miss H will be gone soon. And not just across town where she could pop in for dinner or we could have a girls' day (whenever people will be able to do those again!). So I'm feeling a little down today. 

Looking forward to: Even though it's one step closer to Miss H being gone, I'm looking forward to a trip to KC with her on Friday, just the two of us. We'll be taking a first load down which will give us lots of time to talk and laugh. 

Question of the week: Not gonna lie, I didn't handle it well when Mini-me moved out of Omaha but this is going to be even harder for me what with Miss H being my youngest and the last to leave. So this question is for those of you whose children have moved out of town - how did you find ways to make it ok?


  1. I haven't been feeling like cooking either. Thank goodness for Trader Joe's frozen food! I'm sorry to hear about your concern with becoming an empty nester. We have a big age gap in our kids' ages so we haven't crossed that bridge yet but I have a number of friends who have been in your shoes. From an outsider's perspective the people who have done the best are the people who tackled some kind of project - either a hobby that they had been meaning to learn/do that they hadn't had time or space for, sizable DIY stuff, taking a class or two, making a list of all the things they had wanted to do but didn't for whatever reason and tackling the list - seems to work best. Enjoy your trip to KC!

  2. I hope the move goes well. My son went to college in America (from Australia) and it was very odd, but I was glad that he got the opportunity to do so. I am glad, though, that he is home now.

  3. I have The Overstory and will read it probably this fall. I am glad you are enjoying it.

    I know how you feel about Miss H leaving. It's how I felt with my son. I still feel blue looking at where he car is usually parked and it's his bday week and we can't be there to celebrate so there is that but overall feeling better about things now.