Monday, July 27, 2020

Life: It Goes On - July 27

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday. This week life goes on and on and on and I'm feeling a little bit like I'm not keeping up! How was your weekend? Mine was entirely consumed with moving Miss H and visiting family while we were in K.C. I came home yesterday spent physically and emotionally.
We couldn't entirely set her up, though, because the homeowner decided to put new flooring in her room last week...except the flooring didn't arrive in time. She can live with where it's at for this week and then the flooring will arrive and they will have to work around her stuff to put the floor down. Glad it's not me doing it because her room is TINY!

But no stopping to recover for this girl - yesterday was Mini-him's birthday and we'll be having his birthday dinner tomorrow night. So tonight I had to finish up his big gift, make his cake, and get prep for dinner. He picks the same thing for his dinner every year so while making it takes some time, I can make it all without thinking, which is a good thing at this point. 

Miss H's tiny new home
Last Week I:

 Listened To: I finished Such A Fun Age and listened to a  lot of music; I was bouncing around all over the place. Today I started listening to Bill Bryson's At Home. I honestly had no idea what it was about so it's an adventure. 

Watched: I really didn't watch much last week; I was spending most evenings finishing up work on a wall shelf for Miss H and wasn't even inside a whole lot. 

Read: I was reading Richard Power's The Overstory, which I was very much enjoying but it's, on my phone, almost 1000 pages long and I only got about half way through it before I had to return it to the library. I've got it on hold again and hope I can remember what it was about when I get it back. Today I started Ron Rash's latest collection, In The Valley, which includes a novella based on his book, Serena, which I still think about almost a decade after reading it. 

Made: Last week was all about making Miss H's favorites: goulash the way she likes it, cucumber dip and chips, grilled steaks, tacos and guacamole. 

Enjoyed: Getting to meet Miss H's friends I've been hearing about for years, seeing our niece and her family Saturday, and seeing The Big Guy's cousin and her husband yesterday. 

This Week I’m:  
Planning: After tomorrow night's dinner, the rest of the week will be filled with errands, putting the stuff Miss H left behind in some kind of order, and reclaiming my office for myself now that her stuff can be moved into the closet in her room. 

Thinking About: What project I'm going to work on next now that I'm done with the furniture refinishing and painting for Miss H and the game set (pics to come next week) for Mini-him's birthday. 

Feeling: Happy for Miss H and excited about what the future holds for her. But, if I'm being honest, really blue about her being so far away. No one makes me laugh harder than she does or thinks so much like I do. 

Looking forward to: I don't know. There's kind of a void after tomorrow night. After traveling this weekend, I can't say that I really feel comfortable traveling so I don't know that we'll be going anywhere any time soon. And there's nothing on the calendar at all. 

Question of the week: I feel like I've asked this before but I'm really needing it this week: if you're an empty nester, how did you adjust?


  1. I love At Home and have listened to it twice through, given it to friends, etc. So many fascinating tidbits and tangents and Bryson reads his own work so well.

  2. I will most likely be an empty nester this time next year. My daughter is dead set on being in NY for musical theatre or close to it. I really want her to stay in California but there very few musical theatre programs in California. Lots of film schools, but only USC and really one Cal State to speak of for musical theatre. It makes me a little ill. She is a senior but only 16. Young. I won't deal well with it. I get so sad every time my son leaves to go back but he's very independent. She is not. It will be a difficult transition. I just need her to get her driver's license before the DMV closes again. Not related but you see how my mind is popping all over the place.