Sunday, November 8, 2020

Life: It Goes On - November 8

Happy Sunday! My to-do list is so long today but my energy level is so low. Clearly I'm going to have to prioritize and acknowledge that my body has been holding onto a lot of stress for a while and it needs time to recover. We've had a lovely string of days in the 70's; today will be our last decent day so I probably should focus on the last of the things to do outside before the 40 degree temps come in tomorrow. I love doing yard work in the spring; I hate doing it in the fall when it's a reminder that everything is dying and winter is coming. 

What's on your agenda today?

Last Week I: 
Listened To:
 Elena Ferrente's latest, The Lying Life of Adults as far as books go and Andra Day's Cheers To The Fall  was my music soundtrack this week. 

Watched: More election results than I wanted to watch but we've worked really hard this week to watch other things to keep our minds off the election. So Food Network, HGTV, football, The Voice

Read: I finished Bronte's Mistress, started Philippa Gregory's latest (Dark Tides), and I'm reading Winston Groom's The Patriots for a review tomorrow. 

Made: That roll I was on in the kitchen last week? Yeah, it didn't last. If it was quick and easy, that's what we ate. We finished the last of our vine-ripened tomatoes with some pasta and on sourdough BLTs. I'm watching cooking shows that are all about soups this morning so I may be working on some of those this coming week. 

Enjoyed: Two lovely evenings with friends while it was warm enough to be outside for hours and a nice visit from Mini-him yesterday. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: I've set myself the goal to finish one project a week this month. I didn't do that last week. So this week, I need to finish at least two. So many on my list are things that are almost finished so I may even get two done today.

Thinking About:
Last week my mom gave me these glasses that she got with Green Stamps when she was in college and it reminded me how important it is to me to surround myself with my family's history. You will see my family everywhere in my house; just from my desk I can see furniture, a cocoa set, a cookie jar, books, paintings, a bottle collection. I love being connected to our past in this way. 

Feeling: Relieved. 

Looking forward to: Hopefully a quiet week. 

Question of the week: I am not a fan of the end of daylight savings time. I hate that it is dark when I get up and dark when I sit down to dinner. How about you? Were you happy to have this week arrive?


  1. Relief is the feeling out here too.

    We are all down with some virus and hence very tired. I'll need to take tomorrow off of work and just recuperate. It will be good to lie in bed all day, but oh wait, I have two little ones who won't let me do that, lol!

  2. Pretty glasses; my mom used to save green stamps for a while as well. We have also enjoyed 5 days of high 60s-low 70s - delightful for November in New England.

  3. I am a simple person and try to live simply too but the one thing I really would have liked to have had when my husband's grandmother passed was her Iced Tea pitcher and glasses. We enjoyed so many home cooked meals at her home and enjoyed many pitchers of sweet tea but my husband's dad sold everything with the house and never asked any of the kids if they wanted anything. I've seen some of those glasses at antique stores but it's not the same. So, I get your comment about those green stamp glasses.

    Relieved. Me too. Still a bit twitchy. Trying to recover. It's like PTSD.