Thursday, April 22, 2021

Life: It Goes On - April 21

Happy Thursday! Yeah, that's how far behind I'm running this week. So far behind that I didn't even notice that the book review I posted for Monday was actually posted to the wrong blog. Sorry TLC Book Tours! Did get that righted yesterday. 

I'm not completely without a good excuse for running behind. We were in Rochester over the weekend, picking up my dad, who had been staying with my sister for a couple of weeks, and getting a chance to see Mini-me and Ms. S. Then Monday was all about prepping a game for last night's book club meeting. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I'm listening to next month's book club selection, Behold The Dreamers, which I hope to finish in the next couple of days. Not sure what's up after that; I've got nothing in the hopper.

Watched: Pretty much the usual.

Read: I finished The Beauty That Remains and now I'm reading Wintering by Katherine May, another book that is benefitting from being read at the right time. 

Made: Brown butter Rice Krispie treats (not sure they were worth the extra time and effort) and a whole lot of salads. 

 Time with these well as my sister and Ms S. Got to see our grandpets, eat some delicious food, and visit the Spam Museum along the way. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: I'm playing catch up this week, lots of odd jobs to be done and I'm still working on 40 Bags. 

Thinking About: Gardening. We've had a couple of freeze warning nights this week and then I think we're in the clear. I can't wait to start buying plants!

Feeling: Concerned - a friend's daughter delivered her son very prematurely this week. I can't stop thinking about how tiny he is, the battle he'll have to wage, the pain his parents are suffering and the pain my friend is suffering, who is worried not only about the baby but also about HER baby. 

Looking forward to: Warmer temps that should be arriving soon. 

Question of the week: Anyone else having worse allergy symptoms this year than usual?


  1. Thinking of that little baby and his family. Preemies are so resilient. It's amazing what their tiny bodies can do. I hope he gets the best care possible so he can be home with his parents soon.

    Salads. With salad bars being a thing of the past I am so craving salads but I really miss salad bars and the ability to layer in exactly what I want.

    1. That little guy finally went home after 17 weeks in the hospital. He's still on oxygen, still takes different meds with every bottle feeding, and has a lot of issues they will have to deal with in the coming months. But what a miracle it is that he has survived!

  2. I hope you get some of your goals done this week! I don't think the brown butter rice treats are worth that extra hassle but I'll take someone else's for sure!

    We've had some extra freezing nights. Our last freeze dates don't come till May so I'll have to hold off for a couple more weeks before I buy some flowers to plant. I hope you are in your last ones as well!

    I'm sorry about your friend's daughter's baby. I hope he pulls through fine but such a delicate time. So big hugs from my neck of the woods.

    I picked up Wintering but thought maybe I'd try it out once summer is waning and I'm thinking about wintering once again. I hope it's good!

    I hope you are able to relax a bit this week!

    1. Nope, those brown butter rice treats were not worth the extra effort. Part of the appeal of Rice Krispie treats is, after all, how easy they are to make!