Sunday, April 25, 2021

Life: It Goes On - April 25

Happy Sunday! It was supposed to be sunny and warm today but so far it's gray and cold. It's going to put the kibosh on the picnic we were planning on taking with my dad today if it doesn't get better soon. 

I'm dragging this morning. I stayed up late reading for Dewey's Readathon last night then at 7:15 a.m. my eyelids popped open and there was no going back to sleep. Is this what getting old is like? If so, it's just one more thing I don't like about aging. I didn't get as much reading done as I'd hoped to, but I did read one book and get more than half way through an audiobook which is well more reading than I would normally get in on a Saturday so I call that a win. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished Behold The Dreamers, which is my book club's selection for May, and started the first Hamish Macbeth book, Death Of A Gossip. I've read a lot of the Hamish Macbeth books so it was interesting to go back to the beginning and see how his character, and Beaton's writing, have developed over the years.  

 Not a lot. The bulb went out on our television and while we wait for a new one, The Big Guy is watching t.v. shows on his iPad which makes it a little difficult for two people to watch. We did catch a new performance of Romeo and Juliet on PBS and we've started watching the latest iteration of the Law and Order franchise, Law and Order: Organized Crime. It's a little strange that we've gotten hooked on it since we've never watched any of the other version of the franchise. 

 I got a book a week ago then was surprised to find that it needs to be reviewed already this week. So I spent the readathon reading Spark, which is a book about how genius works, spotlighting 13 people who have made a mark on the world. 

Made: There's still been almost no cooking in my kitchen. I did make shortcakes yesterday for today's picnic. Nothing says "it's warm weather season!" like strawberry shortcake!

Enjoyed: Mini-him came by yesterday to help move some things and just around for a few hours. Was it just to make sure he got a meal for his efforts? Maybe. My guys got some shelves moved so that my laundry room project is nearly done. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: On doing some more work in the laundry room and 40 Bags continues (what am I at now, 120 days?!). 

Thinking About: Patio furniture. We need some new chairs but what kind seems to be a sticking point. Isn't that the silliest thing for married people to disagree about?

Feeling: Slow. My allergies are kicking my rear end this week, which isn't helping my lingering effects of CoVid-19 (I still need at least one nap every day). 

Looking forward to: Getting plants this week. It's early but the forecast looks good and I'm ready for some color and prettiness. 

Question of the week: One of my coworker puts out fake flowers, another bought ten hanging pots at Costco the other day. Me, I'm somewhere in between. Where do you fall on the flower planting spectrum? 


  1. My mom could grow anything and had a beautiful flower garden. Me, not so much. I've never really had a garden but plan on planting some flowers and shrubs in front of the house if I can ever decide on what I want. I've never been a fan of fake flowers.

    1. I've come to realize that my mom could grow anything because she put a tremendous amount of work into making her gardens productive and beautiful. I'm not willing to put in that much time (and I don't have that much time anyway) or effort into it. So my gardens are weedy, often gangly looking, and need to be thinned; but I'm ok with that and enjoy them as is.

  2. I am all about indoor plants. I go crazy when I see any at any of stores I frequent. I'm trying to stay away from buying more since I splurged on quite a bit this year.

    I wanted to do the readathon but life was too busy for that so maybe the next one. Glad you were able to take part in it.

    1. My kiddos are moving to Alaska and will have to drive because of their pets...and their indoor plants. They are only allowed to take 50 through Canada so they're trying to figure out how to repot some temporarily so that they can take all of them. I'm not sure how many they have in total but I'm glad I don't have to water all of them every week!

  3. I like containers of flowers instead of putting them in the ground. For one, not much survives our hot summers so if it's in a container I can move it to say, the covered patio for a little break. Plus I found them easier to maintain and switch out as the seasons change. Right now, I have no flowers just green plants.

  4. I'm often frustrated by the plants in the ground. Sure, they look great in the spring and when they are blooming. But by August, the peony bushes have big black spots on the leaves, the day lilies are dying off, and the daisies have had to be pruned down to just a couple inches of green leaves. That's part of the reason I love potted plants; they tend to look nice all spring, summer, and into the fall and you can, as you say, move them to wear they can flourish.