Sunday, April 4, 2021

Life: It Goes On - April 4

Happy Easter Sunday! If you celebrate, in whatever way you celebrate, I hope you had a good day. 

Every week, since my mom died, when I type that title I think of new ways in which life, as it turns out, does go on, even when we think it won't. We've celebrated a baby gender reveal, a few birthdays, and now our first holiday without my mom. Some have told us that they were advised that it was a good idea to start new traditions so the loved one's absence isn't quite so palpable. It's a great idea and I know that it's been exactly what some people needed to do. For us, we needed to honor our mom by doing Easter dinner the way she would have done it. We put out the china and the Easter decorations; we made the traditional foods, and a couple of new dishes. It was hard for a bit but we think she would have been proud of us. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished, finally, How Much Of These Hills Is Gold and started Laura Lippman's Sunburn, which is this month's book club choice. 

Watched: A lot of college basketball, This Is Us, Hometown on HGTV, and the first games of the MLB season (thanks T-Mobile for the free subscription to!). 

Read: I'm bouncing around a bit. I started Peter Geye's latest, Northernmost, but then Steve Leder's The Beauty of What Remains came in and I'm more focused on that right now. It's the comfort I need right now. Thanks for recommending it, Ti!

Made: My contributions for Easter dinner were Ree Drummond's French Silk pie, a strawberry pie, cheesy hash brown casserole, and deviled eggs. I tried a new deviled egg recipe and then didn't even try one but they must have been good because they were gone when the meal was done. 

Enjoyed: It has been warm here this weekend and we spent a lot of time sitting on my parents' front porch. Last night we had a fire, today we had mimosas out there, all weekend we had laughter. It was good to be together and laugh. 
This Week I’m:  

Planning: 40 Bags in 40 Days may just run through April. I have gotten rid of 30 bags but still have so many areas I want to work on. This week I want to focus on my office and start the basement. 

Thinking About: Flowers and gardens - I'm so ready for a trip to the nursery!

Feeling: I got happy hour with friends Monday and lots of family time this weekend and this introvert loved all of that people time!

Looking forward to: Ya know, I still look forward to weeks with nothing on the calendar even though there's been almost nothing on the calendar for a year!

Question of the week: We had chocolate pie, strawberry pie, and red velvet cake for my nephew's birthday for dessert today. Which would you have picked? 

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