Sunday, October 17, 2021

Life: It Goes On - October 17

Happy Sunday from a weary woman! We made a quick trip south this weekend - left yesterday morning to celebrate my brother's 60th birthday and to bring my dad to Columbia to spend the week with my brother and his family; spent the night in Kansas City so that we could spend some time with Miss H today. We can't complain about how much we drove, though. Mini-me and Ms. S left last Saturday and drove two separate cars five 13-16 hour days in a row to get from their home in Rochester to their new city, Anchorage. They arrived exhausted, happy to be done with it and convinced that if/when they return to the continental U.S. they will do it by plane.  
Last Week I: 

 Listened To: Empire of Pain, which I raced to finish before the loan expired, and then I started Kate Atkinson's A God In Ruins. It's a tough listen as it bounced back and forth in time very rapidly. 

Calvin Mattheis - News Sentinel
One of the worst displays of sportsmanship I have ever seen from a fanbase during the Tennessee - Ol' Miss game and I've been watching sports all of my life. Fans threw so much onto the field that Tennessee's own band and cheerleaders felt unsafe in their own stadium. We have lost all ability to remain civil.

Read: I've had to push my way through this months' book club selection, Miriam Towes' A Complicated Kindness. It's only 246 pages but I am just not connecting with it and may end up apologizing to my book club for choosing it. 

Made: I've only been home for meals half of this week so I haven't made much of anything. 

 Getting to celebrate my brother and to spend time with my dad, my sister-in-law, all of their kids and two of their grandchildren this weekend. 

Thursday evening three book club friends and I went to hear Amor Towles speak about his latest book, The Lincoln Highway. He was fabulous and I highly recommend seeing him if he is in your town. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Sadly, it's time to start putting the yard and gardens to bed for the cold months so there will be plenty of yard work that needs to get done this week. 

Thinking About:
The hotel we stayed in last night. A little dog was barking across the hall for 25 minutes solid after we arrived but we saw and heard no other guests. The t.v. didn't work. It had been remodeled in the past couple of years and I'm pretty sure that the owners hired their cousins to do the painting and everything was just a little beat up and felt cramped. Not gonna lie, I half expected to come out of my room and find twins at the end of the long hall. 

Feeling: I'm having all the warm fuzzies tonight. Miss H loves, loves Hamilton but has never seen it live. The Big Guy decided that needed to be rectified so tonight he ordered tickets for the two of them to go see it in a couple of weeks when it's in town. They haven't had a father-daughter evening in a very long time and she is so excited. He's a good daddy!

Looking forward to: A quieter week except for book club on Tuesday. 

Question of the week: Last night was not the worst hotel experience we've ever had and the other times make for great stories. What are some of the worst experiences you've had at hotels?

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