Sunday, March 3, 2024

Life: It Goes On - March 3

Happy Sunday! What is it about Sundays that so often when I sit down to type this the sun is shining? To be fair, most days lately have been sunny...and warm! We had one very cold day last week but I can handle that as we move closer and closer to spring. My mind is already thinking about how I want to arrange furniture on the patio, what pieces I may get rid of, what pieces I may paint...and the flowers I want to plant, of course! I know that I should be living in the present but thinking about spring is the only way I survive winter. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: Gretchen Rubin's Life In Five Senses. As so often happens to me when I listen to Rubin's podcast or read one of her books, I learn a lot and I'm inspired. I'm now pondering a project of my own to explore the five major senses. 

Watched: A lot of college and high school basketball (it's state tournament time here) and the final episode of Ted Lasso. The Big Guy and I are both so sad to be finished with it; it's so well written. But we've agreed that it's a series we'll probably rewatch. 

 Pete and Alice In Maine by Caitlyn Shetterly. 

Made: I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday which resulted in BG and I making turkey enchiladas, smashed potatoes, and apple crisp. BG has been doing a lot of the grocery shopping in the past few years but he tends to pick up things we regularly use without checking to see if we actually need them. Hence, we end up with more apples that we could use in the next week, potatoes that need to be used soon, and two heads of broccoli (soup coming up this week!). 

Enjoyed: Dinner out with friends to celebrate his birthday. BG and he have been friends since they were 14; they were dating when she introduced me to BG. Which is to say that we have been through a lot together and always have a lot to talk about. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: More decluttering here and getting things moving to get my dad moved into assisted living in a couple of weeks. 

Thinking About: Risking jinxing things and going ahead and taking down the winter decor and putting out the Easter things. 

Feeling: Like we might just have done a good job as parents. Last night Miss H sent me a screen shot off her phone of my three kids, Ms S, Ms C, and my nephew all having a FaceTime evening together. We may  have done a lot of things wrong, but we did raise kids that are friends as adults and I'm convinced, now more than ever, that is vital to a happier life. 

Looking forward to: My brother will be coming up some time in the next couple of weeks and my sister is coming for Easter. 

Question of the week: Are you looking forward to spring or are you a winter lover? 

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