Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Bloggiesta Time - Ole!

Nastasha, of Maw Books, is once again hosting the Bloggiesta.  This is a weekend for bloggers to work on their blogs--cleaning things up, making changes, meeting new bloggers, getting posts ready, setting goals. The best part of doing all of these things this weekend is that so many other bloggers are ready and willing to help. 

My plans usually include cosmetic changes but I'm not sure if I'm going to make that many changes this year.  I do want to do some work on my header and I'd like to get a page put together of all of the books I've read (although that may take more time than I'm willing to spend just now). I do plan to do some of the mini-challenges, including one that will help me figure out how to use Google forms (I get so frustrated by them now!) and one that will help me make banners and buttons.  Also going to work on my cleaning up my tags and taming my Google reader.

Now I'm off to figure out where to start!


  1. I hope you accomplish all your goals! I know I spend waaaaay too much time tinkering with blogger stuff when I could be reading.

  2. It's the tags that are making me so tired tonight that I'm just about ready to quit. I need to do something FUN! Working with tags in Blogger is so very in user friendly. Ugh. Now... what can I do that's fun for a bit????

  3. All the best with the Bloggiesta and what you want to do. I'm so far behind everyone else that I'm easily pleased with little changes. I've had some help with thinking about headers and better linking. Now I'm wanting to spend more time reading so that I have some review posts! Thanks for your recent email.
    Have a good Sunday!