Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Salon - June 17

I had a whole post ready for today and then decided to move it to Tuesday so I'm just going to apologize up front for what is likely to be a rambling post of bits and pieces.

I went to see Laura Moriarty (The Chaperone) at The Bookworm bookstore Tuesday night. I was really disappointed with the turnout but so happy that I had taken the time to go see her. She really is great that she inspired me to start writing again. This weekend my first article in over a year was posted at . Next up, it's time to finally get my writing center set up in our guest room.

Speaking of writing, I got an email this week about the 8th annual Write A Dear Reader contest. I don't recall see this before; have any of you heard of it or participated? The toughest thing about this contest may be that submissions can't be any longer than 650 words; that's not much time to tell a story.

I also got an email this week that writer Tess Gerritson will be coming to Omaha in October to speak at the 22nd Women & Health Lecture. Gerritson, who was a doctor before she became a writer will be speaking about her career transition, "From Physician To Fiction."
I haven't read any of her books but never fail to learn something interesting every time I listen to an author speak so I'm planning on attending. Have you read any of her books or watched the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles which was inspired by a series of her books?

This month's Omaha Bookworms selection, Generation A by Douglas Coupland, has really pushed me way out of my comfort zone. It's a short book but I've been struggling to keep myself reading. I had hoped to be done with it by yesterday but just couldn't make myself sit down and read. Now that hardly ever happens!

When I finish it I'm not sure what I'll pick up unscheduled review book, something for one of my challenges? Oh, who are we kidding? I'm going to read The Chaperone. Which I happen to have two copies of after forgetting that I already had an ARC for review when I bought a copy the other night to have signed. What are you reading this week?


  1. All the best with the writing, Lisa. I've just read your article for the and it's great that you have this creative resource as well as your book group.
    Having had a break from reading and writing I've now come back with fresh enthusiasm for both.

  2. Good to see your still writing for .net... and that it's still alive!

    Hope you found time to enjoy the weekend. AWP arrives on Thursday... so excited!

  3. I love Moriarty..would've been wonderful to meet her IRL!!! I have read quite a few of Tess's books and really enjoyed them. so excited about your to go check it out!! Bravo, my friend!

  4. I read your article over at Left you a comment too. I know what you mean about writing. I have a novel started and it's just been sitting there. I even signed up for a writing challenge, JuNoWriMo and haven't written one word. Of course, I'm using my new job as an excuse, but I also know that I have the crappiest time management skills on the planet. lol! Have a great week, Lisa. =O)

  5. I've actually been thinking about Dear Writer but knowing me it'll get eaten up in my email and then I'll forget. 650 words I can do (I think) but the tough part for me is getting started.

    I have an entire season (at least) for Rizzoli and Isles in my DVR but Scott doesn't like it so I never get to watch it (not sure why HE gets to pick what's on when we head to bed...probably because I fall asleep after 5 minutes?). What I have watched I've enjoyed.

  6. I checked out the post... way to go!! So glad that you are writing again. I had a writing space all decked out, but the kids put their unwanted items all around it when I told them to clean their rooms. I don't know why they think I would want their discards, but they completely buried my space.

  7. I met Laura Moriarty during BEA week--liked her, and loved THE CHAPERONE!

    I got the same e-mail re: the Write a DearReader contest. I've subscribed to their Email Book Club for years so I've seen the contest before, but they really seem to making a push with it this year. I've never entered, though--as you said, 650 words doesn't leave a lot to work with!

  8. Loved your article! I've got an audio review copy of The Chaperone coming soon and I can't wait! It must have been such a treat to hear her read/speak... not many authors make it to Syracuse!