Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Salon - June 3

What a lovely weekend we've had after a week that was cool enough it found me pulling out a turtleneck to wear to work on Friday. I would love to have had time yesterday to sit out on the patio yesterday and read - may yet find time for that today. We're hoping to get my great-nieces over to play this afternoon and if that happens, there will be no reading time for me!

Speaking of little people, check out these book-based cakes! When my kids were younger, I used to pride myself on making great birthday cakes but none of them held a candle to these! Of course, these are all made by bakeries - where they have all the great tools right at hand and no toddlers under foot.

We were cleaning Miss H's room yesterday (who knew, she has a floor and a walk-in closet!) and discovered her babysitting bag full of great kids books. She hasn't done any babysitting for a while so I suppose it would make sense to get rid of those books but I have such a hard time getting rid of beloved children's book. Much harder for me to do that than to part with the books I've read.

Here's a new children's book by Daniel Pinkwater I just discovered called Mrs. Noodlekugel. It's just the kind  of book I would have loved for my kids. I'm thinking maybe Christmas gifts - I love to give books to the little kids. Found this one on Boing Boing, reviewed by Cory Doctorow. He does a lot of reviews and other articles there. If you're into largely unusual kinds of reads and interesting nerdy things, Boing Boing is a great site with very good writing.

I'm reading Equal of the Sun this week for a TLC Book Tour and I'm hoping to get started on this month's Omaha Bookworms selection as well. What are you reading this week?

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  1. I couldn't believe the temperature change here either! Last week is was almost 100 and muggy. Today's it's breezy and 65!! That cake is adorable!! Love it and love the Pinkwater book!

    One of my son's best friend is moving in with us today so we've been cleaning big time upstairs...and oh, the mess is so baddddd!!!!!