Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life: It Goes On - May 5

Apparently not only does life go on, but so does winter. Several inches of snow and freezing temps this last week came on the heels of four days with temps in the 80's. We went from eating dinner on the patio several nights in a row to wearing winter coats again. I am so ready for spring!

 Did you know that Omaha has three rivers nearby? It sits right on the Missouri; the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers run just west of Omaha. Mini-me was recently camping where the Elkhorn joins the Platte. Just south of Omaha, the Platte merges into the Missouri. The bridge in this picture is a walking bridge that spans the Platte.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Brandi Carlile - love her voice. Like so many of the musicians I've "discovered," I first heard Carlile on Austin City Limits.

Watching: Some Kansas City Royals baseball - we're headed down to K.C. soon to catch a game and the only player I'm familiar with on the team is former Nebraska player Alex Gordon. When they're hawking programs, yelling "can't tell the players without a scorecard," I'm going to be the person they're talking to.

Reading: I read Ali Berlinski's A Beautiful Mess this week and finished listening to Stewart O'Nan's Songs for the Missing. I'm going to focus this week on finishing The Windup Bird Chronicle. I'm not sure what I'll pop in next in my car - we'll see what strikes my fancy when I get in the car tomorrow.

Making: I did start Pin It And Do It again this past week and already made a salad as part of that. This week I'll be looking for other recipes I've pinned to try out. I recently pinned several salted caramel recipes so I think I'll be trying at least one of those.

Planning: All weather indications to the contrary, it is spring and I'm planning on making some changes to my patio to perk things up. A little paint, a few new accessories, and some new cushions - it's going to be all about adding some color outdoors.

Grateful for: My daughter's amazing strength. Two years strong, my love - you are an inspiration!

Loving: Kleenex. Sad, but true, Kleenex has been my favorite product this week. Curse you spring cold!

Thinking: I should never have set foot in the Home Goods store. That place is dangerous!

Looking forward to: Watching Miss H's face this weekend when she gets to see her beloved Yankees in the flesh for the first time. Technically not her first MLB game but she can't remember going to see Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa play in St. Louis when she was a wee little girl. Tears will, I'm sure, be involved.


  1. It's so cold in here too this weekend. I am so ready for the summer now, so this chill is really annoying. While it's not snowing here, it's still not a comfortable temperature outside.

  2. I just finished reading Berlinski's memoir this past week, too :) I really enjoyed it and can't wait to post about it. What did you think about it? By the by, I love this new Sunday post you do - thanks for sharing!

  3. Miss H is a beauty. And I hope those yanks put on a good show for her!

    I hear you about the weather. It was too chilly this weekend to get the yard work done that I wanted to and the rest of our weekends in May are more or less booked. Today we'll be 80 again...go figure.

    Hoping to finish WuBC early this week. I need to ding you in twitter to see how close we are in the reading.

  4. I love Home Goods but don't go in there to browse or I'd be in trouble.

    It was cold yesterday and very cloudy and this morning the rain came down in sheets on my way to work! So uncommon for these parts but we are all grateful as the wildfires have been just horrible.

  5. What a voice!! Beautiful daughter..hope she enjoyed the game!!! I've been wanting to go into a Home Goods maybe I shouldn't??!! LOL!