Monday, October 28, 2013

Pin It And Do It - It's A Wrap

Well, I didn't get done this month all of the things I was hoping to get done from what I've pinned but I did manage to, once again, be Pin Obsessed this month. Capped off the month with a three new recipes, a sloppy joe recipe, an Italian red wine pork roast,  and one for a Salted Caramel Bread Pudding.

The sloppy joe recipe actually calls for a Bisquick crust topping but I just wanted to eat it on buns. I didn't have tomato sauce so I used tomato soup and cut way back on the sugar and added a bit more spice. It was good and we'll try it again when we have tomato sauce. Maybe we'll even use the topping.

The bread pudding was so good I seriously considered eating it for breakfast. It's got bread, eggs, and milk. That makes it okay for breakfast, right? The recipe calls for croissants but I don't usually have croissants sitting around needing to be used up and the mixture of bread I had that needed to be used worked just fine.

I can't comment yet on how the roast turned out. I cooked it yesterday but we won't be eating it until tonight. The recipe calls for a 7-pound roast; I had a 2-pound roast so I had to tweak proportions quite a bit. I'm a bit concerned that I still may have too much seasoning on it. But there are only three of us that eat meat; no way am I going to be cooking a 7-pound roast unless I'm doing it for company and I like to try recipes first on the family before I spring them on guests. 

I do like pork roasts in the winter. Do you have any great recipes you'd recommend?
Finished the month with one last book from my Books To Read board by finishing Marlena De Blasi's A Thousand Days In Venice. This one was recommended to me by my Italian auntie and it was a great recommendation for my Fall Feasting reading.

Question for you pinners - does anyone know how to set up your boards so that they are alphabetized? I find it so frustrating to have to scroll through all of my board trying to find the one I want. My one complaint with Pinterest is that it isn't easier to find things once you've pinned them. Although Miss H helped me a lot when she showed me that I can do Shift F3 to open up a search box once I'm on a board. Did you know this trick?

Thanks, Trish, for once again inspiring and challenging us to make use of all of the pins. I love having that push to try new things. I need to keep up the momentum as we head into the holiday season!


  1. Sweet Moses! All of these recipes sound so good :D I haven't eaten breakfast yet, lol,

    I wish I knew of a better way to organize boards. If you hear of a good tip make sure to spread the word.

  2. Oh my…. salted caramel bread pudding? I may need to make that tonight for dessert! And the red wine pork roast also sounds quite tasty.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. I have a few more days and one pin to go… I think I will make it :)

  3. I find the search function on pinterest useful. I like that I can search my own pins now.
    Yum. I love bread pudding.

  4. There used to be a way to re-arrange your boards, but since Pinterest 'improved' several months ago, I haven't been able to find that function. :-(

  5. I need to do this challenge sometime! It sounds like the perfect way to get some things done which I keep planning to do.

  6. Are you enjoying Lamb's novel? I just put this on my goodreads this morning!

    Pinterest... do you know that you can click and drag them into any order? I have my favorite boards (most pinning) in the top row, for example.

  7. You can still move your boards around by just clicking and moving them but the pins in the board....I still have no idea how alphabetize those! Congrats on pinning and doing!

  8. I might check out that sloppy joes recipe. I was just telling Scott the other day that I thought that sounded good and we might be able to cajole Elle into eating it as well. In terms of the searching, I noticed the other day that when I went to the search feature it had a choice to search just my pins. Though I guess you'd have to remember what you included in the actual pin description?

    My favorite pork tenderloin is grabbing a teriyaki marinaded tenderloin (Hormel is my favorite) and spreading the top with a paste made of salt, pepper, rosemary, olive oil, and garlic. Roast in oven at 450 for about 25-30 minutes. Serve it with some raspberry chipolte sauce (Elle eats hers with raspberry jam). So easy and so good.