Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pin It And Do It Update

 Check, check and check - three more pins done for October's Pin It And Do It challenge. Pinning books I want to read has been a great visual reminder of what I want to accept for review books and what I want to have the Omaha Bookworms read...and it makes reaching that pin obsessed goal ever so much easier when I can count books I've read!

Since my last update, I finished Louise Erdrich's The Round House for a TLC review. I see I've got at least one more Erdrich book on my Books To Read board so she just may show up again during another challenge.

I also finished The Light Between Oceans this week which was the Omaha Bookworms October selection. My mom read it months ago and really enjoyed it so I added it to the Bookworms schedule. It was quite a hit; good recommendation, Mom!

My sixth pin this month is one I've been meaning to do for a while. As I rearranged my closet to bring the winter clothing front and center, I hung everything backwards. The idea is that once you wear something, you hang it back up the right way. At the end of the season, if the hanger is still backward, that means you never wore the item. Assuming we've had a fairly normal winter, if I haven't worn it all winter, it's out of my house. I anticipate breaking a few hangers along the way as I grab things out but it will be worth it! And it took almost no time at all!

This, by the way, is not my closet - I would break out in hives if all my hangers weren't the same color and my clothes were hanging that closely together. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my closet!

Pin #7 is a homemade version of a Mary Kay scrub that I love for my hands but haven't bought in years. And it couldn't be more simple - just mix some dishwashing soap with sugar to form a paste. You could use any color, any scent but I'd definitely recommend something that's gentle on your hands. I tried it it worked great. Then The Big Guy tried it when he was washing paint off his hands and liked it for getting his hands cleaned quickly. There's a good chance I'll be making some little jars of this to use as Christmas gifts tucked in with some hand lotion. But don't tell anyone I exchange gifts with!


  1. The hangers are a great idea! I'm relieved to learn that's not your closet... the difference color hangers would bother me to no end, too ;-)

  2. That scrub sounds perfect. I need to try it. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wait, what? Your hangers have to be the same color? You would DIE at the sight of my closet!!! Well, anyway, way to keep on pinning! I've done some repeat pins this week. I'm counting them. :)

  4. i'm so intimidated by those pin it and do it challenges! i could easily be a pinterest addict but then i never get around to "doing it" ~ so cool that you've accomplished so much already!