Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life: It Goes On - September 14

Goodness, I certainly didn't mean to go quiet for the entire week. But then when you haven't finished a book in over a week, there are no reviews to post. The past couple of days I've finished three so next week will be better. Also spent a lot of time throwing myself a pity party (I'm still brushing confetti out of my hair); the knee swelled up and was quite sore for a few days and I didn't accomplish much.

So glad that it finally started to feel better by Friday, just in time for me to feel good enough to go to the Omaha Lit Fest, organized by author Timothy Schaffert. Friday night was the opening night party complete with great eats, wonderfully quirky artwork, a photo booth, and a poetry brothel (yeah, you read that right). And did I mention authors? Yeah, got a chance to meet and talk with them as well. Saturday afternoon there were four panel discussion with a variety of authors including talks about music in books and writing historical fiction (or is that merely fiction set in the past?). So fun to see all of the amazing literary talent we have in Nebraska!

Luckily The Big Guy, who came to the opening night with me as he always does, only knows about one of the books that I bought and had signed. But, seriously, you all know how hard it was for me to walk away without buying one of every book by every author!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: As an antidote to Mrs. Dalloway, I decided to go in the extreme opposite direction and started Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada. Hard not to picture Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway as the lead characters as I listen.

Watching: Because we are rabid Husker fans and our game didn't start until 9:30 our time last night, we stayed up until 1:30 watching football. In a garage so that a lot of people could watch since it wasn't on a channel that most people get. Did I mention that it was only in the 40's last night? Thank heavens for those wonderful big heaters and no wind!

Reading: My heart is still recovering from The Sparrow today. I meant to draw it out over the month of the readalong but I just couldn't. I'll be thinking about it for a long, long time. I'm still trying to decide what to start today.

Making: BG has been taking good care of me and doing most of the cooking for the past week but I did have a crate of peaches that I had to deal with - 11 quarts of frozen peach slices and 7 pints of peach freezer jam. Oh yeah, and chili one night because it was just that darn cold out.

Planning: To kick off my now annual Fall Feasting reading soon. More on that to come.

Grateful for: The efforts of everyone involved in pulling together the Omaha Lit Fest and to the authors who took the time to talk to those who attended. It's a great asset for Omaha and I really wish more people knew about it. Every year the crowds are bigger and bigger which is encouraging!

Enjoying: Feeling good enough to finally be able to really get things done around here. I won't be down on my hands and knees anytime soon but I'll be able to get back to some walking this week and (I never thought I'd hear myself say this), I can't wait!

Feeling: Ready for fall. It took me two weeks to finally accept that summer is over and I'm not ready for it to be as cold as it was last week yet, but I could really get into a pumpkin latte right about now.

Looking forward to: Finishing our refinishing of a dining room table we bought a few weeks ago. I can't wait to get it done and into my dining room!


  1. No! Summer isn't over! We're heading back to the upper 70s/lower 80s this week, right? I'm really not ready for cold weather.

    Glad you had a good time at the lit festival. I should've made the effort to drive up for it... maybe next year.

    I can't get over how late that game went last night. We didn't watch and actually headed to bed before it even started!

  2. Glad you were able to get to the Omaha Book Festival and you're slowly getting better. Take care, Lisa.

  3. Sounds like I really missed out with The Sparrow readalong! It's definitely fall here, too... no complaints, but I dread what comes next.

  4. We're thrilled that you came out for Lit Fest! We're amazed over and over again by our local talent. Glad you didn't leave empty handed, either; fabulous you got some signatures.

  5. I am glad your knee was feeling better so you could attend Omaha Lit Fest. It sounds like a great time!

    While you are "enjoying" your cold weather, I'm still "enjoying" my triple digit heat. I am definitely ready for fall. I just wish it would show its head soon.

    I hope you have a great week!

  6. The Sparrow somehow manages to be both the perfect book for a read along, as well as the worst book for a read along. Worst because once you get to a certain point you cannot pace yourself. I meant to follow the script and just read half but who am I kidding? The carrot was dangling and his pony could not wait any longer.

    I chuckled over your first couple of sentences. Yep, if you don't read there is nothing to review. So true. I finally sat my butt down to write four reviews. Did it all in one day. Maybe I can stay on top of them now. Maybe.

  7. We continue to be impressed by all the local literary talent too. So glad you were able to check out all the Lit Fest fun this past weekend!