Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life: It Goes On September 7

Well, this girl has learned, the past couple of weeks, that she does not like being an invalid. Tuesday I had surgery to repair two tears in my meniscus. They had told me I might be crutch free the same day. They lied. I will admit, I was a bit like toddler who refuses to learn to walk because he can crawl faster. I could move along pretty fast with one crutch but had to slow down considerably without it. I'm so ready for my knee to finally be back to 100% - I can't wait to put my tennies back on and hit the treadmill again.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'll finish Mrs. Dalloway this week and then will probably spend a couple of days catching up on podcasts. I'm not sure what to think of Mrs. Dalloway; I think I would enjoy it a lot more if I were reading it even though the narrator is really quite good.

Watching: "Manhattan," "America's Got Talent," and lots of football. Oh mercy, did my Cornhuskers give me a scare Saturday. I clean when the games get tense - even with a bad knee, I got a lot of cleaning done Saturday!

Reading: Goodness, am I enjoying The Sparrow. 

Making: Homemade ice cream, guacamole, beef salsa dip, peach/rhubarb crisp. We've been eating well this weekend.

Planning: Trying to get back into the swing of things gradually this week. I've got some projects that got interrupted that I'm anxious to get finished up this weekend.

Grateful for: All of the support I've gotten from family and friends this week!

Enjoying: A lovely evening with great friends last night on the patio followed by a lovely afternoon with our boys and their girlfriends this afternoon on the patio.

Feeling: Blessed.

Looking forward to: The Omaha Lit Fest this coming weekend. Some very interesting authors will be speaking and I'm looking forward to some new books!


  1. Hope the recovery from the surgery continues well this week so that you can get on with those projects and fully enjoy the book festival.

  2. So, where abouts is the meniscus? Sounds not fun at all. Hope you heal up quickly.

    Who are you rooting for on AGT? I kind of like that singer that's in her 40s. Is it Amber Rose? I can't remember her name. I also like that youngish magician guy. Can't remember his name either. You're probably wondering if I really watch it. lol

    I'm so jealous of The Sparrow. I just could not squeeze it in. I will have to read it soon now. I've heard it's really good.

    Have fun at the Lit Fest. I'm going to try to go to the Southern Festival of Books in October. It's been a few years since I last went.

    Have a great week! Don't overdo it. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your surgery! Hope you're feeling better and less like an invalid now! I don't think I'd be a good invalid either. I have Mrs. Dalloway on my Classics list so I'll definitely look for it in print form over audio. Some books just don't work in audio form. Glad you're enjoying The Sparrow! It's on my TBR but it will probably be awhile. Have a great week and try and follow doctor's orders regarding rest!

  4. Ouch! Hope it heals up for you quickly!

  5. Is it me? I am not all that amazed with The Sparrow. I have 10% left on my Kindle and I've been checking the comments about the book and everyone is saying it's amazing, it wrung them out, etc. I am not getting that at all. It's okay and mind boggling to consider, but unless the last 10% is out of this world crazy I am going to be scratching my head over it.

  6. Hobbling around is not fun! Hope you're healed quickly.

    My daughter has been making ice cream this summer--her strawberry is wonderful, as is her peppermint, and her coffee with brownie bits.

    I like reading/supporting local authors--enjoy the Lit Fest!

  7. "Homemade ice cream, guacamole, beef salsa dip, peach/rhubarb crisp." It's cold here today (and I think colder where you are!) and gosh I already miss summer. LOL! But bring on the soup.

    Made it to the halfway point for The Sparrow. I'm not sure I'm read to "go there" yet. Might just stick the book in the freezer for a bit longer.

    Mrs. Dalloway. If I hadn't read it for a college course I"m not sure I would have liked it quite as much. Have you read The Hours? It's a wonderful modern follow-up.