Sunday, March 1, 2015

Life: It Goes On - March 1

A few days ago the forecast for today was right in line with that old saying, "March comes in like a lion..." Today, though, it's sunny, warmish (which is all we can ask for right now), and calm. So hoping that March coming in like a lamb doesn't mean that it will then go out like a lion.

Mini-me's girl, one of Mama Shep's
boys, Mini-me, and Miss H
We're spending this first day of March celebrating birthdays: Mini-me's girlfriend and Miss H share a birthday. Unfortunately, Miss H had to work today so she didn't get to join us for dinner but we all bipped into her work to say Happy Birthday and we'll celebrate more tomorrow. So weird to not have any teenagers after 14 years of having one in the family!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I didn't get to the library this week for a new book so I've downloaded Jane Eyre from Librivox for a re-read. I never tire of it. For music, I'm listening to the Pixies station on Pandora.
Getting ready for birthday dinner #1

Watching: "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix, "Downton Abbey," and "Hacking The System" on the National Geographic channel. I now know how to survive for days without any power even if I haven't stocked up on water and other provisions ahead of time.

Reading: This week I read Tolstoy and the Purple Chair by Nina Sankovitch and started The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion which I hope to finish today. Then it's time for some book club reading and review book reading. Good books but I've really enjoyed being able to just pick up whatever suited my mood!

Making: Taco Bowls in the crockpot (not sure why it's called that, there's no bowl to it but it was delicious), cheese manicotti with homemade noodles, hamburgers with avocado and fried egg, and both chocolate and coffee cupcakes.

Planning: On continuing my photo project. I spent several hours on it this week but there is still much to be done. Next up is to pull all of the photos out of photo albums and get them sorted and into boxes. Eventually the goals is to get all of the old photos scanned but that's a project for another time. How do you store all of your photos? How many photos have you printed since your camera went digital?

Grateful for: A very fun weekend; perfect for recharging my soul!

Enjoying: Being able to be there when Mini-me won a top prize at the opening of the annual student art show. I don't claim to understand much of what he does (although he will be happy to explain it to you and he always has a clear vision) but I've always known he had talent and it's fun to see others recognize it.

Feeling: Happy - got to spend lots of time with all of my kiddos this week. Miss H even spent the night here two nights.

Looking forward to: Birthday dinner number 2 tomorrow night with Miss H!

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. It's wonderful to have so many birthdays in a month - makes the month very festive! Happy birthday to Miss H and Mini-me's girl. Also, congrats to Mini-me for winning the top prize at the art show - how wonderful!!

  2. Watching your child succeed - especially at something that is out of your realm - is an amazing feeling. I listen to my kids discuss their careers in medicine and social work and I am amazed that I raised these incredible people.

    The artwork looks wonderful, but I'm with you - not sure I understand. I would love to hear the artist's explanation. Spending time with adult children is awesome! Glad you got to have a great weekend with them.

  3. March came in like a lion where I live too--although probably a calmer lion than the one you had. Happy Birthday to everyone! It's a big birthday early in the month in my family as well. I'm re-reading Jane Eyre too! I'm reading it in little spurts so I don't read faster than my husband who is reading it for the first time. I've never listened to an audio version before. That might be a fun way to re-experience the book.

    Have a great week!