Sunday, April 15, 2018

Life: It Goes On - April 15

Winter...cover your eyes, It needs to be gone two weeks ago. We dodged the blizzard that shut down roads north and south of us but our driveway is covered in ice and snow this morning after a day of cold temps, high winds, rain, sleet, and snow yesterday. This, mind you, after we were able to eat dinner on the patio three nights last week. Enough already - we cry "Uncle!"

So bummed to realize that Dewey's Readathon is the same weekend we will be in Dallas. I love the spring edition; for some reason, I always seem to get more read than during the fall one. I may just take a day next weekend and give myself permission to spend the whole day reading. Or not. It wouldn't be as fun as knowing I'm doing it with thousands of people all over the world and I have a hard enough time not feeling guilty about getting nothing done on the official days.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts including The History Chicks, Gretchen Rubin's Happier, and Terrible Thanks for Asking. I'm continuing work on my Spotify playlists and have been listening to everything from the playlist I put together for the bridal shower to The Offspring, AFI, and Muse.

Watching: I was poking around Netflix the other night for something to watch late night that wasn't too in-depth (you know, in case I dozed off in the middle of it!) and found BBC's The Great Interior Design Challenge. I'm enjoying it as much for getting the chance to see how different architecture is in Great Britain as for seeing what the designers can pull off.

Reading: I finished Anna Quindlen's latest, Alternate Side last night and I'm still processing my thoughts on it. I love Quindlen's writing and this one had some great thoughts. But...

Today I'll likely start Lisa Genova's latest, Every Note Played.

Making: Spaghetti with meat sauce, tacos, flatbread pizzas, steak salads. Saturday, in lieu of bundling up to go to a movie, we stayed in and I made a loaf of Outback bread and an Gooey Butter cake just for an excuse to run some extra heat in the house!

Sookie feels the same way I do!
Planning: I had lots of plans for the weekend but I've caught a niggling cold that kept me mostly home yesterday and may do the same today. If it were a beautiful, sunny day I might head on out and bask in the sun. But since it's still miserable out, I'm not sure I want to catch a chill (as Jane Austen might have said). If I stay put today, there is plenty to do here. My office has gotten out of control again and we are in the midst of making some changes in Miss H's room that need to get finished up.

Thinking About: My mom's cousin who passed away last week. Her funeral was on Friday and I can't help but think how much better off the world would be if more of us were like her. She was a sweet, giving, caring woman who had the most delightful ornery streak.

Enjoying: Helping Miss H put together a bullet journal. She's doing hers the way I did my first one, in a binder so it's more forgiving as she figures out what will work for her. She's had the stuff to do it since Christmas but, being a perfectionist, has put it off for fear of it not being perfect. She's got so much going on, though, that it's time to help her keep track of everything.

Feeling: Excited for my married kiddos! Ms. S has finally gotten the go for the job she's been waiting on for months and they will be moving the end of May. They will be sad to leave Milwaukee, having absolutely loved it there. But they are ready to start this new part of their lives and we can't wait to have them three hours closer!

Looking forward to: Leaving for Dallas in eleven days. Can't wait to be with family, get in a little vacation time, and, celebrate my nephew's wedding.

Question of the week: Dallas area friends, we have at least one day that's completely free. What do we absolutely need to see? And, how far from downtown are you? Maybe we could even meet?!


  1. Hope you have a great trip and time with family in Dallas! I'm too far and will be out of pocket that weekend, but maybe you'll get with a few folks.

  2. You have a cold? Didn't you just get over being sick? I bet it's your weather. This past week we had heat and today it's 30 degrees cooler. WIDE shift in temp. The trees don't know what to do. They started to drop leaves again.

  3. It is snowing again right now. We are supposed to get anywhere from one inch to seven depending on which weather forecast you watch. Schools were let out early. Everything has been shut down for the evening. This sucks. I am so over it.

  4. It's been such a long winter here in New England as well but, 60 starting today and most of next week so -- MAYBE spring is here. SO glad things are falling into place for the married kiddo, that is always a relief as we never stops worrying about them. Have a great week.