Monday, April 2, 2018

Life: It Goes On - April 2

I'm so ready to start using a spring picture to lead off these posts but winter just will not let go. I know we're much luckier than some and I'm grateful for that; just south of here they got 10" of snow on Easter morning.

It's been a busy week with not a whole lot of reading going on, what with book club; a baseball game; family spending the night Wednesday; Easter dinner shopping (it took four trips to different grocery stores to find strawberries for the strawberry pie!), cleaning, cooking, and the actual getting together with family and friends. I hope those of you who celebrate had a lovely Easter!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'll finish Middlesex this week and I'll be sad to be done with it.

Watching: Basketball, The Voice, and live rendition of "Jesus Christ Superstar." One of my all-time favorite musicals and, even though I felt some of the acting was a little weak, mostly I loved it.

Reading: Fingerprints of Previous Owners, which I completely forgot I was supposed to read for review a week and a half ago. Review soon!

Making: Layered lettuce salad, cheesy hash brown casserole, ham (well, Honey Baked ham made the ham, I just heated it up), strawberry pie, roasted asparagus, Red Drummond's chocolate French silk pie. I was concerned we'd run out of food because Miss H's boyfriend can put away a mountain of food but, of course, we had leftovers. Although, I wouldn't have complained if there had been more leftover potatoes!

Planning: I never got 40 Bags In 40 Days finished yet and with a quiet week this week, I'm hoping to get that done.

Thinking About: Gardening and changes in our landscaping.

Enjoying: Time with both The Big Guy's brother and his wife and my brother and his wife: two couple we really enjoy spending time with.

Feeling: Tired.

Looking forward to: BG has agreed to go through his clothes this week. Once he gets started, he's pretty good about getting rid of things so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more room in my closet!

Question of the week: How are you keeping your spirits up during these wintery first days of spring?


  1. Mmmm...cheesy potatoes. I made those as well, but thankfully we do have leftovers! I haven't had a good seven-layer salad in forever. That sounds wonderful and perfect for those spring cravings of fresh vegetables.

    I have decided to pretend it is warmer than it really is. I put away my winter coat and have pulled out my open-toed shoes and sandals. This weather sucks.

  2. Not wintry here. In fact, it was 86 degrees over the weekend but this morning, at 2am, it was drizzly. And yes, I was out at 2am dropping the girl off at school for her Hawaii choir tour this week. I am now at work with 5 cups of coffee in me!

    JC Superstar was pretty good. I actually felt like Legend was the weak link and that surprises me. I thought the crucifixion was handled very well.

  3. I'm loving the Voice this season so far. I really like Alicia Keys. I'm thinking about gardening right now too. I haven't had great luck with vegetables the last couple of years so I was thinking of focusing on herbs. Hope you're having a great week!