Monday, April 9, 2018

Life: It Goes On - April 8

So, spring - that's a thing, right? Wednesday I wore my winter coat, hat and gloves into work as we recorded record low temps (I'm talking 12 degrees at 6 a.m.). Yesterday morning, record lows again. Today snow flakes swirled about. We are supposed to get a few days of spring this week but I'll believe that when I feel the warm sunshine on my face.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I finished Middlesex in the driveway on Friday and I'm sort of glad that I don't have another book to jump into on audio right away. If you've never read Middlesex, I can't recommend you listen to it enough. One of the best readings of a book I've ever listened to; Kristoffer Tabori is amazing.

Watching: I started typing that we've managed to leave the big box in the corner off a lot this week when it occurred to me that televisions are no longer boxes. I'm wondering how old are the young people who don't even remember a television that looked like a black box? Whereas I can remember rabbit ears, having to get up to change channels, and even when people only owned one (gasp!) television. I feel old.

Reading: Nook, Netgalley, and I have been having quite a go of it for the past couple of weeks. Numerous people from Netgalley have jumped in trying to figure out why I couldn't download books from their site to my Nook. I was pretty darn excited Friday to figure it out myself. Then Saturday night, Bluefire Reader wouldn't open, which is where I download all of the Netgalley books. Emailed their support system and got a canned message that they would respond in three working days. So I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and it works. Thanks all of you tech people.

Making: We've been making good use of Easter leftovers this week so I haven't cooked much. One night The Big Guy used leftover ham and made a ham and vegetable soup that (don't tell him I said this because I really hated the smell of it when it was cooking and might have been a little rude about it) was not bad. Back to the reality of having to plan meals this week.

Planning: Our trip to Dallas, another bridal shower in May, and a trip to Minnesota in June. My Milwaukee kiddos are finally getting moved in May and I can't wait to visit them in their new home. Although we are going to miss going to Milwaukee.

Thinking About: Blogging. I'm sort of terrible at it right now, especially the part where I visit blogs and let my friends know I've stopped by. So, is it time to give it up? Or is it the only thing that pushes me through reading slumps?

Enjoying: My first ever political fundraiser for a friend who is running for office. So excited for her and need to make sure I find some time to help her as she reaches out to people.

Feeling: Frustrated and, to be honest, more than a little bit stupid. Yesterday, without even thinking, I dumped a big container of rice down the garbage disposal. More than 24 hours later, we still cannot use the kitchen sink, after trying all of the tried and true methods to dislodge that clog. I'm don't even want to think what the plumber is going to charge us when he gets here in a bit. Luckily, I think we're getting the "my friend is your daughter's boyfriend" discount. At least I hope so. Because The Big Guy is not exactly my biggest fan just now!

Also, feeling very sad today. We got the call this morning that my mother's cousin, who has been more like a sister to her all of my mom's life, passed away in her sleep last night at 98. It is a blessing for her but the world has lost the sweetest person I've ever known.

Looking forward to: Did I mention spring-like days this week? This girl is looking forward to at least one dinner on the patio!

Question of the week: On top of being cold and damp here, it's also been grey almost every day. What's your go-to way to pick yourself up on grey days?


  1. It's the same here! I still had to wear my winter coat, gloves, and a hat to take a walk today. And our spring blooms are WAY behind - barely just beginning now when they usually start in mid-March! I need sunshine!!

    I have heard soooo many great things about Middelsex over sooo many years! I really need to find time to read it - maybe on audio. I did read the author's The Marriage Plot and enjoyed that, but I always hear that Middlesex is his best novel.

    Hey, we still have a TV that is a box!! It's the TV I got as a college graduation gift from my family, over 30 years ago :) That one is up in the bedroom, but the sound is starting to go, so we may have to get a flat screen to replace it soon (we have one in our family room).

    Enjoy your books this week - and I am hoping for some spring weather for both of us!


    Book By Book

  2. I say 'dance it out'. Some cheerful upbeat music and dance your way through your house. Ha! And I remember having one TV, changing channels by hand - I remember when we got our first 'color' TV. We watched Bonanza first. Hope your clog issue gets resolved and the rest of your week is sunny!

  3. Was the rice cooked or uncooked? We have one of those snake devices that we bought at Home Depot for like $30. It's not very long but good for these types of mishaps. We've used it countless times.

    I am sorry about your mother's cousin. It's always sad to hear of a relative's passing.

  4. After two 60+ degree days (the first this year) this week, we are now facing a snowstorm tomorrow. I am SO over this not-spring weather.