Sunday, October 14, 2018

Life: It Goes On - October 14

If only it actually looked like the picture at the left today! Instead, it's snowing. After three weeks of grey, cold, wet days, we come to this. Ugh. Fingers crossed that next week's forecast for drier, warmer days is right but it's almost too late for a proper fall. So many trees have dropped their leaves before they even changed colors. I feel like I'm living in Westoros - I just keep thinking "winter is coming!" At least yesterday was warmer and sunny and I was able to get some stuff done outside.

Today I'm doing meal prep for the week so there'll be a crockpot and oven on. I'll light plenty of candles and plan some time to curl up and read and watch some football and try to ignore that white stuff falling from the sky!

Last Week I:

Listened To: Hamilton: The Revolution and I'm back to Love and Ruins now that it's available again. I did finally manage to figure out how to change the length of my check out from seven days to fourteen days so I can actually finish books before my loan expires.
Eric Francis/Getty Images

Watched: Football, baseball, volleyball, and Terence Crawford defending his welterweight boxing title. We aren't boxing people, hardly ever watch it. But Crawford is an Omaha guy who promotes the city and state of Nebraska tirelessly. It was nice to watch at least one Nebraska "team" win yesterday!

Read: The Library Book, which I reviewed on Thursday and I'm about half way done with A Well-Behaved Woman. I'm seriously on a reading jag lately, having given up playing games on my phone.

Made: Chicken and corn tortilla soup, chili, chicken noodle soup - that pretty much tells you what the weather's been like, doesn't it?!

Enjoyed: Sunday evening with Mini-me and Ms. S. They are in such a good place now and we had a great time going out for dinner and drinks with them. It's so nice to have them so much closer now!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: A quick weekend trip south. Sadly, this will mean I'm missing Dewey's Readathon. Again.

Thinking About: I'm in a strange "spring cleaning" mood. I have other things I need to do, but I'm thinking that reorganizing and decluttering is on the agenda!

Feeling: Accomplished. I managed to, for the first time in ages, get through all of the posts on my blog reader (except event posts I wanted to keep). It won't last long, but maybe I can try to keep up now.

Looking forward to: A quiet week. Hopefully this will mean it will be productive around the house.

Question of the week: Obviously I've been in a soup mood lately. What's your favorite soup?


  1. The weather has been crazy here, too! We got back from our trip and had record warmth, then wind and rain... and so many leaves are already gone. Now there's snow in the forecast next week :( At least you've been reading some great books!

  2. You have already has snow? Some of my friends who live in Washington mentioned snow this weekend. We had one heck of a rain storm with lots of thunder and lightning that came out of nowhere. No one predicted it. The poor Girl got caught in it while at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert which was held in an outdoor amphitheater.

    Soup! I love soup so much. I have many faves: Chicken Tortilla, Navy Bean, Split Pea, Corn Chowder, White Chile Chicken, Enchilada, beef stew (kind of soupy) and Baked Potato. I also like a good Cream of Tomato with grilled cheese triangles.